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Of course, we are a little concerned about the fact that a lot of good projects have been recently gone. And of course, we paid attention

Of course, we are a little concerned about the fact that a lot of good projects have been recently gone. And of course, we paid attention to the fact that it happened because in early January, a large share of investment projects were short-term HYIPs. Therefore, we are glad that more and more long-term projects are launched these days and many of them are as good as Prime Income.

The most interesting thing is that they claim to be online for already a year. We asked the administrator this question and we are pleased to inform you that we received a response within five minutes. Yes, our company has been operating online for a year, (a year and a half actually) but we only entered the hyip world now.

We believe that this is a good position and if the administrator is able to convince investors of his experience, he may have a successful project as a result.

Moreover, his team and he seem to want to demonstrate a high quality of their project. They created thoughtful design and ordered a logo. It is clearly seen that the administrator made efforts and did his best. Despite the fact that the website looks solid and complicated, there is actually no depth in it. However, all pages are well designed, so the website looks quite well done.

Plus social communication, plus a page presenting a referral program and plus a number of e-mail addresses for communication. Although it would be great to see more contact methods in such a program, but even those that are present are also aimed at maintaining the reputation of a professional project.

But the main thing, is of course, it's investment plans. They are also good. There are four of them and they offer 1%, 3%, 4% or 5% daily. The interest rate depends on the deposit amount. The minimum deposit of $5 brings, respectively, 1% for 20 days. $201 is the minimum in the next plan and a profit is 3% per day. It lasts for 90 days just like the one that brings 4% daily and requires a minimum of $501 and like the plan that pays 5% a day with the minimum deposit of $1,001.

Of course, investing in the largest paying plan is quite risky, considering that it is very important to show the dynamics of growth for success of this project, it is important to develop. This can be seen only in the process, but even now one can confidently say that Prime Income is not an ordinary program. So pay attention to it.


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