Updated: 02/22/2012 12:12
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LuxorAlliance informs all investors about a three-year anniversary and thanks everyone who has been lately supporting the project on forums and monitors. As some of you may know, according to the legend of LuxorAlliance, the company on the base of which an online project was launched, had been founded 3 years ago by a man named Adam Grant and is called Luxor Trade LLP. Due to this event they announce a new special investment offer that is valid till February 23, 11:59PM GMT.

The “Anniversary plan” offers 5% daily for 5 calendar days with principal back on expiry. The minimum deposit amount is $3 and the maximum is $3,000. Even though it seems safe to invest, always remember about risks, especially when it comes to special short-term offers with a limited time provided for making a deposit. In case you decide to invest, do not invest much (that some investors do while chasing huge and quick profits).

The next announcement concerns the addition of AlertPay which can now be used as a payment option. Also the team of LuxorAlliance has installed the Google translation bar for all non-English speaking customers. The next thing you should know about, is that this project has been video reviewed by HYIPNews. A video review is a new format of getting acquainted with high-yield investment projects and it is ideal for those who don’t want to spend much time searching for information on different sites, because all most important features are demonstrated in those video reviews. Plus you don’t need to read anything, all you should do is just sit back, relax and watch.

Of course, the situation in the HYIP field changes fast, so checking testimonials on forums and payment statuses on monitors is the next thing you must do in case you liked what you saw in a video. Only after that you should make a deposit. The Video Review of LuxorAlliance can be watched here . By the way it is also informed that the next Video Presentation will be released by a project’s CEO, Adam Grant within a few days.

P. S. A published review of LuxorAlliance from can be read here.

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