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Eric Marriam portfolio review. See the programs i personally deposited funds. See the programs currently of a great interest towards hyip investors.

When i issued the first review of "My reviews" cycle (, i said that i am eager to draw more attention to personal investments and personal investing. Well, finally, has been initially originated as a blog and despite it's a full-scale newspaper, every author of ours is an investor. The real investor, earning on high yield investments and is actually the one considered to be successful.

To tell the truth, it's not a success at all. There's nothing but due diligence and it has nothing to do with luck. For instance, the first project in my portfolio has been LuxorAlliance review. What's not clear about that? They have all the components of success. We have told about that in our Video Presentation, made for LuxorAlliance:

Another add-on to my personal deposits has been the newGNI. When i made up the review about it i got no doubts, this project is worth investing and it's been more than a month, and there are still no less chances for success than before. Well of course there's been not much time to consider the deposit successful, however so far i don't have doubts concerning my choice and if it's not a mistake, everything has been done as it should be.

By the way, the newGNI have got a very interesting interior, i haven't paid attention to that in my review, so i recommend you to check it again. Activation is required when registering. Though you just take a look at the interface:

newgni arbitrage wagering pool

It has nothing to do with luck. One should just read through reviews, history of the matter, one should have watched other sites more carefully.

Here is a small example and a simple description of the principles of forming my portfolio. Well, i don't know what's going to happen to these projects further on. Well, of course i am not saying, these are all successful investment decisions. Though it doesn't even let to decrease the risks in order to earn enough. If not by means of investments, then with the help of INVESTING.

I also have deposit with ExpertPortfolio. Unfortunately, i couldn't get the approval for the review from the admin, so i'll be forced to present them at my own expense. I don't fully understand what are these quiet companies hoping for, the ones who are not moving and don't grow properly. Fortunately, many of such pyramids look like they have been designed lovingly with such a concern towards the project. Obviously they will work hard, they will learn with its help, hence they will work long enough, not just for investing yourself, but for recommending of investing, cause this really for long. I have determined ExpertPortfolio as one of such projects faultlessly and some "Wallets" and "Cases" have been completed with profit to me.

So, wait for the ExpertPortfolio review in the nearest time. As well as for the review of another project that has accepted my deposit without any notice (i.e. without review), called Web Finance. So, two reviews are coming. And both projects are worth to be not missing. One is highly profitable, another one is complicated but for a long time. Read the review to understand who is who or just follow the link and you will understand it yourself.

All this i am saying not for showing off. All programs mentioned are still of a great interest for the large investors audience and are worth attention. Though don't forget, risk is increasing while the HYIP lifetime is growing.

P.S. Frankly speaking, i am waiting for only one thing from Benson Union. Once they get at least 1 representative :) They have powerful program for promoting the representatives, that is why all company value lies within. However, they are asking $1000 from all the representatives, which seems to be rather serious barrier. Although they have incredibly beautiful presentation:

and they possibly believe it's worth paying. So, herewith, within 35 days they didn't get a single representative and now i can't make a deposit, simply because they don't have any single representative until now!

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