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It is obvious that the competition in the field of high-yield investments has recently increased. On the one hand, there are fewer programs, but on the other hand, there are also not that many investors. Therefore, new HYIPs have to offer more interesting terms and features or more serious stories about themselves on this competitive market. For example, like a project iii.biz does.

If there are more quality (meaning those which require time and energy) projects, then the attractiveness of the HYIP industry will increase. Therefore, the resistance will be higher. This will eventually lead to reduction of the risks of investing in HYIPs. So it is nice and easy to present iii.biz. And we hope that we will be able to make a video presentation of this project, because I have not seen such a simple site like this one yet. It just fits perfectly into mobile devices. I hope we will find out whether it was done on purpose or not in an interview or a review, or in all of those introduction ways at the same time.

And, of course, iii.biz has a very attractive investment offer – 2.5% daily, paying even on weekends (!) during 120 days. Besides, the used name of the company Web Finance (iii.biz) looks very original and is a feature that definitely helps the recognition of this investment project.

Inside the project everything is even simpler. There are "invest and withdraw money" buttons, account statistics, the history of deposits and withdrawals. Slightly below is the form for making a deposit (why then there is also a button?). A minimum deposit amount in this project is $1 – it is written in large letters under the form used for making a deposit. Why it is so is also unclear.

I think that considering all these features, the project turns out to be quite mysterious. Its appearance is absolutely respectable and the project is original. Meanwhile there is an obscenely simplified site, as I said – it is simplified to a size ideal for mobile devices. This causes an ambiguous assessment, although it does not change the fact that it is necessary to invest in such a project (at least basing on its incredible investment attractiveness). Or basing on hope that the list of Features of Web Finance (iii.biz) will work. Here are the most interesting points taken from it:

  • Registered Limited Company in United Kingdom.
  • Listed in Scoot.co.uk as Financial Advisers.
  • Listed in Yell.com as Investment Consultancy.
  • Listed in Dun & Bradstreet.

And, of course, there is full protection of the site (DDoS and SSL) and a profitable referral program (6% from each deposit).

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