Updated: 02/23/2012 17:28
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NanoEarn is a short-term project without any craziness. That is, they do not offer some 10,000 percent profit, therefore there is good chance that they will continue operating. Moreover, they have ALREADY operated and now their lifetime counter displays 240 days! And most surprisingly, this period is confirmed by some monitoring websites (!). At the same time, a payment status stated by many of them is Waiting, which means that the administration started actively operating just now, although it is possible that it has been actively operating for 240 days.

And there is no mystery in anything else. There is a high-quality and distinctive design, a word “nano”, which I have already commented somewhere. Yes, it’s the word that investors should associate with successful investments. At least many of them associate it ;)

In addition, there is an investment plan designed for 10 days. It allows you to earn 145% return, meaning your deposit plus 45% profit. It looks quite convincing. Well, 45% is a good income. There is a plan that lasts for 5 days and brings 120% return and 20% profit, so it therefore can be regarded as a modest one. After all, the daily profit in this plan is 4% instead of 4.5% in the plan that lasts 10 days. If you risk investing for a longer term – you will get more.

The website is protected, a feedback form is used for customer service (which is sad). Apart from standard LR and PM, AlertPay is accepted. A referral commission is 5% (not bad). There is also a calculator, so welcome :)


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