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The Hyip Informational Survey 131 published by Walter Anderson on February 24, 2012 is presented below

Openings. Hello, dear readers! Unfortunately, due to the maintenance of our site on Tuesday we were forced to move the release of our HYIP Informational Survey to Friday. And today we are going to provide you with the information on openings of week, the problem programs and HYIPs closed. Along with that, you will naturally get the opportunity to observe the events from all the programs, not listed on the site of HYIPNews.com (for the reason all events about the programs listed are posted separately in the News section). Any latest blog update is also at your attention in the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com

EarnReturn (earnreturn.net) 0.07-6.3% daily for 90 days!
RoyalMiracles (royalmiracles.com) 1-1.8%daily for 10-45 days!
Professional Traders 11-19% daily for 10 days!
Smart Invest Group (smartinvestgroup.com) 1.7-2.3% daily for 14-35 days!
GlobalPayDaily (globalpaydaily.com) 2-3% daily for 60 days!
Safety Capital Group 11-55% daily for 10-2 days!
Business Succeeded 26.8-34.83% for 4 days!

NanoEarn, HappySeconds (happyseconds.com), ManProfit (manprofit.com), ChromeFunds, BestPaid (bestpaid.org), Funds Life (fundslife.biz), Unite Profit (uniteprofit.com), SuccessEarn (thesuccessearn.com), ProfBehaviour (profbehaviour.com), Fair Cycler (faircycler.com), VonOva, Online Money Home, Ipo Return (iporeturn.com), Diamond Rain, Concorde Funds (concorde-funds.com), Profit Purse, VVCForex (vvcforex.com), LibertyReserve ATM (libertyreserve-atm.com), Viniro (viniro.net), Start Investment (start-investment.com), WoipSolution (woipsolution.com), Aim To Earn (aimtoearn.com), TopFXGroup (topfxgroup.com), 9investment (9investment.com), In Time Investment (intimeinvestment.biz), Your HYIP (your-hyip.com), Lop Global (lopglobal.com), AlertProfits (alertprofits.com), Unique Power (unique-power.net), Golden Funds Profit (goldenfundsprofit.com), Today Forex (today-forex.com), Instant Empire (instant-empire.com), Capital Magnet (capital-magnet.com), EasyFundGrowth (easyfundgrowth.com), Golden Earnings (goldenearnings.net), Hyip Trading (hyiptrading.net), MoneyMoneyWay (moneymoneyway.com), Boom Profit (boomprofit.biz), Perfect Gold (perfect-gold.com), OnlyHourlyCash (onlyhourlycash.com), Profitiny (profitini.com).

Since there was no informational survey released on Tuesday, the number of new programs given in the Openings section is extremely large this Friday. That is why your choice is getting harder, based upon the quantity of new programs. The more programs are, the more choice is, the more is the danger for investors searching for the investment opportunity. Whatever, the recommendation remains the same. First of all, pay attention to the programs mentioned above with the detailed description. As for the second part of the Openings section, it's extremely numerous, though quite possibly one may find some profitable investment opportunity in there as well.

Senros Group - not paying
Artificial Casting - not paying
Our Dream Online - not paying
Facing - not paying
SkyEarn - not paying
10dollarss - site offline
Excel Forex Limited - not paying
Platinum Finance - not paying
Let Me Fly Inv - not paying
FW Trades - not paying
Investment Code - not paying
FantasticROI - not paying

Despite the fact there was no release of the HYIP Informational Survey on Tuesday, despite all the expectations, the Problems section is not that numerous. Naturally there are programs, which are now experiencing problems and are possibly about to close down. However the number of such programs is not a record one. It may sound encouraging, however let's not forget that for the week period many of programs who turned out to be problem, ultimately were closed and removed from the listings. Let us remember that fact, though we'll talk about the Closures in the corresponding section of our HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) has issued the so-called "Guarantee for Investment" for amounts of $5K and more. Obviously the admin is lack of large deposits and this looks like an attempt to attract more funds to the HYIP. I can't find any other reason for issuing such a certificate, so please beware, cause it's supposedly nothing more than a fake. All in all, guarantee in the world of HYIP investment is an impossible thing, so the certificate issued by CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) cannot actually secure any deposits. Another update from CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) is about the first representative they obtained, who is based in Nigeria.

Jurgen, the admin of NewGNi in the latest newsletter is giving some explanations concerning the difference between the notions of ISP and IP, as well as the second part of the newsletter explains how actually should one deal with the Login one time PIN. The investors of NewGNi are eager to know, why after several attempts of requesting the Login PIN, this wouldn't work. The reasons for that are given in the latest newsletter.

LavishFund (lavishfund.com) is a new HYIP and sending the welcome newsletter seems to be a pleasant thing. In the first newsletter, the admin is trying to persuade potential investors upon investing to LavishFund (lavishfund.com), by means of giving the Top 10 reasons for joining this HYIP. The links to popular social resources: Facebook and Twitter of the HYIP are also given in the welcome newsletter. Good luck and long work online!

PlatinumFinance (platinum-finance.com) welcomes everyone on their official pages in Facebook and Twitter. The buttons are located on the main page of the site. Anyone willing may have a look and join it if one finds it appropriate.

TopsFund (topsfund.org) keeps on making everybody laugh, posting unreal updates. This time the admin clams to own the capital of more than 5 Million USD after 8 months online. Hard to believe... of course, nearly impossible. Anyway, this looks funny and thank you admin for this piece of fun.

Robo Shares (roboshares.com) is offering the 30% deposit bonus for all new investments. Another update is that the investment plans' term of duration has been reduced. To tell the truth, this sort of updates is not a good sign for Robo Shares (roboshares.com). Attracting new deposits can possibly mean one thing - they are out of money and in desperate need of the cash inflow.

The PR Department of FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) is making a super offer. Entering the members area one can see the details on the promotion campaign, which is opening the opportunity to earn extra money by means of promoting FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) on forums and monitors.

Grand Invest Fund (grandinvestfund.com) have added the verified AlertPay account. The main feature and the main advantage is that all payments on AlertPay accounts of Grand Invest Fund (grandinvestfund.com) investors are going to be instant. Good update both for the project and for investors...congratulations!

DK Petroleum (dkpetroleum.com) can be proud with a very wide choice of investment options. After the latest adding of another one Solid Trust Pay, they are currently working with 7 most popular e-currencies: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Traceable Payment, C-gold, Pecunix, AlertPay and since recently Solid Trust Pay.

As promised earlier Riverdale Mutual (riverdalemutual.com) have added the alternative payment system, AlertPay. The HYIP looks much more attractive with this update. Everyone's waiting for STP. Good luck with that!

Good News.
Top Inv (topinv.biz) is the only program in today's informational survey that returned from the Problems section, since last Friday. All listing sites have resumed the Paying status for this HYIP. Investors seem to be satisfied with the payment statuses and we'd like to congratulate all investors and admin of the project with the status renewal.

Closures. Enzex Finance (492 days), 10 Years Online (162 days), Venture Capital Express (152 days), Lifetime-Profits (83 days), Steel-Investment (50 days), Top Cash Tanker (64 days), China Gold Company (25 days), HX Invest (17 days), Liberty Reserve Trade (16 days), Elegant Fund (14 days), GeoTrades Inc (58 days), Perfect Money Funds (8 days), Hyip Leader (9 days), Sports Hyip (4 days), Fund Your Balance (2 days), Premium Funds (4 days), Golden Deposit (10 days), FinStock Limited (10 days), Cas Gain (11 days), Yield Inv (16 days), Ascot Profit (17 days), JB Investment Llc (19 days), 11Daily 2012 (22 days), Gelio Fund (22 days), Everest Financial Solutions Ltd (29 days), Etix Fund (32 days), Kings Funds (9 days).

HYIP Blogs. I bet lots of you faced a serious problem at least once, when first tried to exchange the e-currency. How should it be processed? What exchanger is better to choose? What are the risks and what are the commissions? These and many other questions need to be answered by newbie investors, willing to complete the in or out exchange of their funds to or from e-currency payment systems. The latest update on the Private Hyip Blog is actually trying to focus upon this issue, giving the basic points everyone should be aware of. There are also links to all articles and blog updates, Frank has ever posted, concerning the problems with money in-out exchange. See the complete article here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/02/19/tell-us-how-you-exchange-your-e-currencies/.

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Walter Anderson used to work as a creative freelance writer with three years experience in the industry working in print and online media. I used to search for exciting new projects and hence launched the monthly online newsletter, which has been supposed to increase any website traffic by 40%. Since 2010, Walter Anderson has been officially hired by HYIPNews.com media portal first for the position of the article and news writer writer and then starting from 2012, the vacant position for the chief writer at HYIPNews has been taken by Walter Anderson and is still taken by now.
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