Updated: 02/24/2012 15:24
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As you have already read in our previous publication about LuxorAlliance , this project celebrates a threeyear anniversary of the company that...

As you have already read in our previous publication about LuxorAlliance, this project celebrates a three-year anniversary of the company that launched it. Due to this event the administration announced the launch of the Anniversary Plan offering 5% daily for 5 calendar days with principal back on expiry ($3 minimum and $3,000 maximum) which was valid till February 23, 11:59PM GMT, so it is now closed. According to the administration, this plan attracted such great interest of investors that they did not expect.

In order to assure everyone that LuxorAlliance is here to stay for a long time, they inform about the integration of a forum planned to be done in early March. In such a way they want to improve the level of communications with investors. Another plan for the future is to make withdrawals instant within a week after the introduction of a forum. Its a great marketing tool, because it is not a secret that most investors prefer instant payouts to manual ones.

Also telling about future plans is the way to attract investors, however, you should always remember that HYIP is HYIP and everything said should not be taken seriously (it concerns all projects and not LuxorAlliance in particular). It is also reminded that a video made by the projects admin is going to be available very soon. Here you can listen to an audio of the upcoming video:

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