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LuxorAlliance has released three newsletters over a weekend and before we proceed to them, you should note that this project has already started...

LuxorAlliance has released three newsletters over a weekend and before we proceed to them, you should note that this project has already started having problems, we have received alerts about pending withdrawal requests from our readers and it has a problem or waiting payment status on quite a few monitors. Also in those latest newsletters all possible tricks to attract investors are used, so basing on experience it should close really soon. We propose to take a look at them, so that you know what those tricks are.

First of all, they released an official video and can be watched here ( The admin also promises to make a video of the projects office and its staff on request of members. They say they will start working on it within the next two weeks. Such timeframes are given in order to convince some of the members that they have plans for the future and therefore will continue operating. However, it is obvious that no one will release a video of an office and staff, because its a virtual HYIP world and you will not see anything real in it.

Also as you know, they have recently launched an Anniversary plan offering 5% daily for 5 calendar days with principal back on expiry and it was possible to make a deposit in it till February 23, 11:59 PM GMT. However, allegedly on request of many investors it was prolonged and is available till Monday 11:59 PM. This is a second trick and they try to get more fresh money. When admins say on request of our members read it we decided to do so because we want more money.

Another announcement of LuxorAlliance concerns promised instant payouts and a forum. They say that they are currently working on implementing instant payouts and a forum and therefore had to change the payouts processing time to 48 business (!) hours. According to the admin this change is temporary and instant payouts are planned to be introduced during the next week. Here is the third trick. Admins very often prolong processing time before disappearing.

And the last thing is the introduction of new investment plans. They say: After analyzing all factors we came to a decision that we'll create much higher cash flow with such kind of plans which will produce more income for us and our investors. And here are the new plans: 5% daily for 3 days; 6% daily for 5 days; 7% daily for 7 days; 8% daily for 10 days. As you can see, investing in LuxorAlliance is dangerous now.

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