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Openings. Dear readers! On Tuesday we are glad to release another HYIP Informational Survey. This regular releases have become among the major likes for the readers of HYIPNews.com. We are happy to provide you with the hottest information regarding the top programs along with the new programs on the market. As usually the events from the rest of HYIP market are also available along with the reports on recent closures and problem programs. Once there are any update on a HYIP blog, you will get to know about it.

Rothschild Global 1.9-2.8% daily for 60 calendar days!
Magnetic Wallet 2.5% daily for 100 days!

OnlineMoneyHome, Relax Commerce (relax-commerce.com), Forward Trust Company, 2Invest4 (2invest4.com), World Of Profit, Bumerang Investment (bumerang-investment.biz), Giga Return (gigareturn.net), Advanced Gain, Vas Funds (vasfunds.com), Bullet Profit (bulletprofit.com), InterGalaxy Traders (intergalaxytraders.com), BomProjects (bomprojects.com), ChoiceInvest (choiceinvest.biz), WebInvestCash (webinvestcash.com), Hyip Cash (hyipcash.biz), CreedLTD (creedltd.com), Jermoney (jermoney.com), Axa Inv (axainv.com), NanoAssets (nanoassets.com), Total Liberation (total-liberation.com), Boundless Profit (boundless-profit.com), Unlimited Cash (unlimitedcash.org), Successful Future (successful-future.biz), 365 Invest (365-invest.com), Hourly Land (hourlyland.com), SteadFinanceIncome (steadfinanceincome.com), ProfitInv (profitinv.net).

Lots of programs this time. This weekend was rich in closures and also in openings as well. As always, mostly there are programs, which look not reputable enough, template-like created, fast scams possibly (just a theory). And still we have some winners, the openings, which seemed good enough to us to be mentioned separately with the details about their investment opportunity. And today we have 2 winners, they are given above the list. Remember, every time you take your investment decision, you can get in touch with us, if you need any help or assistance, regarding any choice that you may find suspicious or disputable. We'll be glad to to assist. Good luck with your investment business!

7capital - not paying
Forex Galleon - not paying
Luxor Alliance - not paying
Fraternity Funds - not paying
FX Money Management - not paying
Loike - not paying
Crown Earn Investgroup Ltd - not paying
Armada Traders - not paying
GM-Funds - not paying
Permanent Capital - not paying
Diamond Safety ltd - not paying
Unite Profit - not paying
Chrome Funds - not paying
Aim To Earn - not paying
Boom Profit - not paying
VonOva - not paying

Among the Problem programs this Tuesday, absolute majority are the programs, that were launched recently enough. This tendency lasts long enough. Far more and more often it happens when a program enters the market, within 3 or 4 days it starts to experience problems and then more often it ultimately closes down. The same is with the programs from the previous Informational Survey and now this weekend has been very bad for the industry. Lots of programs were closed and many ones have been moved to the Problem section. Well then, be careful, dear investors.

Events. OneInv (oneinv.biz) has added the compounding calculator after updating the script for more secured and stable work. The script update is really hard ot notice at first sight, though. Perhaps, it is purely inside the engine itself.

NewGNi celebrates the two months online by making the so-called Sweepstake contest, which is going to reward three winners with $100 cash prize on the first day of April. All you need to do to qualify for the contest is to sign up on the site or a Facebook page. After entering the member area of NewGNi and proceeding to the "Additional Pages" section, one should press the "Grab $100 bucks" giveaway widget. The more you talk about the project, the more yo uspread information among your friends, the more chances you get to win the prize. So, ultimately, the contest is a perfect chance to activate the referral activity. Still the prize has been announced, so it's still a contest.

Good News. Our Dream Online (our-dreamonline.net) is the only Good News for this Tuesday. It managed to solve all the problems and reenable the Paying status on monitoring sites, renewing the payments to its investors. Gongratulations to the admin and good luck!

Emoney. Goldpoll gives a warning regarding the Liberty Reserve account on his blog. Here is the blog update for details:

"Have you ever seen this LR account (U9001120) before? Please check your e-currency account history and get in touch with us if you have something to say about this account number."

Goldpoll doesn't give a reason, why this account is of so great importance, so i think it's better to contact Paul or Jeff for the details. http://blog.goldpoll.com/2012/02/27/check-your-lr-history/

Agents Reports and Readers Questions. We have recently improved the customer care service and from now on, every willing can send the offline message, nearly in live-time mode. Besides, you all know, you can get in touch with us, using the Instant messenger listed below on this page. That is why, there are not so many readers questions, as well as there are not so many the signals from them. Nevertheless, there are some interesting ones, which can be of a great interest for the wide range of readers. Here is one of them:

give me please longest lived HYIP. Is is safe to invest in such HYIP?

As for now, the most long-term one in our listing is ExpertPortfolio. They have been working for more than 200 days. Whether it is safe to invest to the veterans like that or not is a relative question, actually. All depends on what kind of monitoring site is declaring them, on how was the project developing within the lifetime. Let's take ExpertPortfolio, it's been truly working for 200 days, cause it has been added to our listing nearly since the very first days of its work. Besides, the plans they are offering are rather long-term, which is minimizing the risks of the project. Above all, they are proceeding with slight and constant development, its slightness can actually make all think this project is for long.

So, as you can see from my judgment, the lifetime itself does not win the game. And this is extremely important for taking the right solution.

Closures. Investment Code (43 days), Fantastic Roi (20 days), Senros Group (79 days), Artificial Casting (143 days), Facing (131 days), SkyEarn (26 days), 10dollarss (19 days), Let Me Fly Inv (9 days), FW Trades (7 days), Eurasia Finance (77 days), Kenel Group (6 days), Fund Your Balance (6 days), Premium Funds (8 days), Evo Ltd (43 days).

HYIP Blogs. Another scam warning from Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog, is back concerning the JSS Tripler. Frank is not tired of trying to persuade people that this is a pure SCAM. He gives the opportunity to check the survey results, reading the articles about Just Been Paid scam he wrote a few weeks ago (the link for that post is inside the recent update). And now in the March 2012 update Frank, gives the notice saying that Italian government issued a scam warning against JSS Tripler. The link for translated version of this announcement is given inside the article as well. All you have to do to learn more is to follow the link below and read the complete article: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/02/25/jss-tripler-scam-warning-for-march-2012/

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