Updated: 02/29/2012 13:32
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Two weeks ago the administration of MoneyEra launched a new investment plan available for huge deposits above $10,000, and paying 2.3% daily interest ...

Two weeks ago the administration of MoneyEra launched a new investment plan available for huge deposits above $10,000, and paying 2.3% daily interest (read this news here). They explained such an edition by the fact that some members requested an investment plan with a deposit minimum that would exceed the investment limit at MoneyEra (which used to be $9,999). Of course, admins say that but you should understand that in most cases such additions are solely made on the initiative of admins and no one else.

Anyway, it is reported that this plan for larger investors has allegedly turned out to be a success and has attracted more than thirty new deposits since its introduction two weeks ago which were mostly made by the old members, and it says about their trust (of course such information can not be confirmed). The admin also reminds that project’s members are from more than 30 countries. That's why it is important for MoneyEra to provide customized, native-language support, so within two weeks a Spanish version of the project is going to be launched and more language versions will be available later.

Also it is informed that the team of the program started building a social network for MoneyEra investors and promoters which is promised to be launched in approximately two months. And the following information is for those who would like to read a trading report of the program:

“Trading-wise the last two weeks stood out due to rising oil prices and the oil reaching its maximum in this trading year. We trade heavily in commodities, including oil futures. We managed to make very consistent profits during this rally, trading with a very high margin we had trading days when we could achieve 15%-20% daily profit. Overall our trading results remain very stable, and the developments of new trading algorithms, which promise to be really disruptive, are under way. Our new Forex arbitrage robot will be launched next week, and we hope that it's going to be a real game-changer!”

Besides the new plan MoneyEra also offers 1.2% daily for 285 days (min.$10 and max. $999); 8.1% weekly for 285 days (min.$1,000 and max. $4,999); 2% daily for 285 days (min.$5,000 and max. $9,999) and accepts deposits via LR and PM.

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