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I’ve been investing in HYIP and writing about HYIP for so long I guess all my investment ideas have been already thought out for several times, and published as well. The funniest thing nothing has changed as hardly anybody is seriously thinking of starting to act rightly. Most investors are random passers-by. They will lose their first deposit and walk away forever. HYIP – is a way of simple and open investing. Thus it is popular among those investors who don’t like dealing with grave matter. Believe me this is the best audience. These guys are great as they know how to play. Still I’m sure both professional and beginner can become better investors after reading this article as they would understand their chances better.

Real luck is to be in the right place at the right time. In HYIP case the place is a payment system you withdraw your money from and give it to the admin. This very moment determines whether you have chosen the right time or not as any HYIP is going to be closed sooner or later. And the possibility of closing earlier is much higher than of closing later. So when you stand at the cash desk of the next HYIP ask yourself: is it the right time?

It is not ease to answer this strange and unexpected question as time is a very relative concept – when we sleep 10 hours seem like an hour to us. Time of HYIP performance depends on specific factors. These factors in some situation work and in some don’t.Still if you pick a program which has more “successful” components, if you pick it in proper time, that is early enough to get profit, you have much more chances for success.

Yet if the fact that you know nothing about program’s admin, statuses and technical features of its hosting doesn’t bother you - you are just a player. Congratulations, you know how to play. And you have good chances to win. At least here you stand a better chance of winning than on a blind date.

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