Updated: 03/05/2012 14:54
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The administration of CreditProgramBank paying up to 2.1 per cent daily for 1358 days with principal returned on expiry is presented below

The administration of CreditProgramBank (paying 1%-2.1% daily for 13-58 days with principal returned on expiry – for more information on this program read its presentation) informs about a new possibility for the project's members. From now on, those who have large deposits of $8,100 and more can insure their investments. Insurance certificates will be provided on demand of a client within 15 days from filing a request that should be sent to mail [email protected]. In case you need more information the administration asks you to use the feedback form or an online chat.

If you are an experienced investor and have been in this industry for a long time, you know that from time to time admins make such offers, but of course, you should not exaggerate the role of insurance in the field of high-yield investments. After all, they are so profitable, because they are so risky. And any real insurance would simply violate this principle, ultimately affecting the profitability. Fortunately, HYIP veterans are well aware of this simple truth, and, fortunately, most readers of are experienced. This does not mean that such statements of administration should be taken as a negative sign. However, they certainly should not be relied on.

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