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We are here with another HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com HYIP Informational Survey 134

Openings. Hello again, dear readers! We are here with another HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com. You are going to be updated on the latest events on the HYIP arena. You will get to know about the changes in the programs statuses on HYIP listings. We will also let you know about the lately closed programs and updates on famous HYIP blogs. All this and much more is provided to you by the HYIPNews.com team in the regular HYIP Informational Survey.

MacroBanker (macrobanker.com) 1-3% daily for 7-30 days!
ShareLine Capital (shareline-cap.com) 1.10-3.45% for 14-26 days!
Forex Earn (fxearn.com) 1.2-2.5% daily for 150 business days!
CompoundExpress (compoundexpress.com) 2-3% daily for for 120 days!
Mini-Invest (mini-invest.com) 0.5-1% daily!

ENR-G, MFX Global (mfxglobal.com), RockFerryFund, GoldFxGurus (goldfxgurus.com), GIO Investment, ProfitsMania, SilverTraders (silvertraders.org), MoneyPalas, Day-Day-Earn (day-day-earn.com), FTrade Global Inc (f4u2-trade.com), BestForexInv (bestforexinv.com), GeniusTrend (geniustrend.com), Zeus Trading Group (zeusinv.com), TradersForge (tradersforge.com), FX Vino (fxvino.com), International Forex LLC (iforexllc.com), WeProfits (weprofits.com), TrandProfit (trandprofit.com), Unlimited Dollar (unlimiteddollar.net), 7profits (7profits.com), Allen Maker (allenmaker.com), SuperCapitals (supercapitals.com), Express Credit (express-credit.biz), Fast Funds (fast-funds.net), Grand Earn (grandearn.com), Krittons (krittons.com), Cap Offshore (capoffshore.com), EurFreedom (eurfreedom.com), HighestIncome (highest-income.com).

There are 5 programs with the detailed presentation in the Openings section. The weekend turned out to be rather active for professional looking HYIPs. Anyway, among the rest ones, you may find some good short term income sources. Though always remember one thing, a program that appeared a day ago may easily fall down the following day. It is still more like a gambling when dealing with high risk ultra high profitable HYIPs. Due diligence is a must when investing to HYIPs!


Merchant 4 Fx - not paying
Profits Max - not paying
Filus Group - not paying
Grand Invest Fund - not paying
Sun-Glint - not paying
Super Trade Pay - not paying
AVI Finance Ltd - not paying
Forexamax - not paying
Safety Capital Group - not paying
Your-Hyip - not paying
Woip Solution - not paying
Oyo Fund Ltd - not paying
Libertyreserve ATM - not paying
Lop Global - not paying
Web Invest Cash - not paying
Vas Funds - not paying
Prof Behaviour - not paying
Bom Projects - not paying
Jermoney - not paying
LMTC Co - site offline

This time we have another large list of Problem programs. What is interesting about it. On the very top of the list there are several really long-term programs that are now experiencing delays with profit payouts. And which is more interesting, on the bottom of the list, lots of fresh programs, opened 7-10 days ago and now seem to be gone for good. This proves the fact, not every new program is worth investing. Always remember, do not ever put your funds to a program, which is mentioned in the Problems section of the HYIP Informational Survey.

Events. OneInv (oneinv.biz) has made some changes to the investment plans offered. They used to offer 1%-2% for 300 calendar days and now after the changes took effect the minimum for joining has been reduced to $50 instead of previously $5000 deposit to OneInv (oneinv.biz). Obviously the difference is enormous. Quite possibly the amount of $5000 has been too much for ordinary investors to join this HYIP.

RockferryFund has announced the nearest plans, such as introducing AlertPay and SolidTrustPay and publishing the review on some HYIP resources. They have also changed investment plans after 18 days of being online. AS explained by the admin of RockferryFund the reason for this change was that previous plans were not popular enough among the investors. We'll see how good they are with the current plans.

HoldingsTrade (holdingstrade.net) admin is aimed at improving the site and ready for the dialogue with its investors. So, he organizes the poll, where investors are offered to vote what should be done first to improve the site of HoldingsTrade (holdingstrade.net), whether it's the addition of new alternative payment systems or perhaps hiring regional representatives. Investors are also offered to rate the ticket system and advertising methods.

RoboShares (roboshares.com) hav successfully added the investors statistics to the site. Any member can login and see what information this stats include.

Richer-Rich (richer-rich.com) have sent the newsletter to the members saying that ‘compounding' feature would not be longer available at the daily plan. Canceling this feature, as claimed in the newsletter, is temporal. All, who had previously chosen compounding option are prompted to change the compounding percent to '0'. Once the feature is enabled again Richer-Rich (richer-rich.com) will let everyone know.

Good News. This Tuesday we have some really good news. And i should tell it is actually very good, cause from the large list of Problem programs we had last time, 6(!) programs, seem to get back to regular payouts. These are: World Invest Service Inc (worldinvestservice.com), Grand Wealth Signal (grandwealthsignal.com), Finance Century (financecentury.com), Capital Classical (capitalclassical.com), Stock Invest Club (stockinvestclub.com) and Our Dream Online (our-dreamonline.com) are the winners of the weekend! Congratulations!

Closures. FX Moguls Ltd (92 days), Alternet Investment (145 days), FX Pulse Pro (42 days), Fund Life (23 days), Luxor Alliance (67 days), Fraternity Funds (95 days), Armada Traders (24 days), CashTipper (22 days), Advanced Gain (8 days), Galaxy Investment (13 days), Loyal ROI (6 days), Crown Earn Investgroup Ltd (38 days), Platinum Finance (12 days), Golden Funds Profit (14 days), Excel Forex Limited (22 days), Invfair Limited (60 days).

HYIP Blogs. The latest update from Frank, admin of the Private HYIP Blog is devoted purely to one investment program, Uinvest. The article is called: "Top 10 best HYIPs – Anniversary edition", though it is exclusively about Uinvest and its paying potential. From the point of view of Frank, it's currently the best high yield investment opportunity on the market. Those, who haven't checked it yet, you are free to follow this link and read more before choosing whether to join it or not: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/03/06/top-10-best-hyips-anniversary-edition/

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