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Any investor, who thinks so about himself should have a certain mentality. This mentality looks into the world not as a set of existing volumes. It looks into it as a set of certain values. These values are, as you understand, are relative and their price constantly changes. Thanks to that, the actual profit is earned. is, first of all, a newspaper about high yield investments. However, it's also a community of active investors and people interested in investing not as a job for living, but as the everyday life. I have already talked about that earlier and now i let myself repeat this, just for you to understand the reason, why we do publish posts, which are a bit out of our common topic.

As early as in November i have paid your attention to gold investments and then the research of ExpertPortfolio took the major part of the news topic, the research, where the topic of gold investments was being uncovered. If you follow this link:, you will see this is not a single research of the investment markets they actually provide.

That is particularly why we've had a strong need to look around, we took the chance to get the information right here inside the high yield sphere. Yes, indeed, ExpertPortfolio is not solely working on market researches. It is involved into investing as well. And it offers the set of researches, which are of a great interest to us. At least they are interesting on this stage, where we are eager to point out the opportunities for allocating the investment capital. And, willing to find the new niches, new ways of moneymaking, things that had been researched by ExpertPortfolio is simply a must for studying. That's what we are planning to do in the nearest time.

P.S. Dear readers, if you want to know more about this or that particular investment direction, or you may possibly know some other way to invest money, within the bound of HYIP Industry, please get in touch with us, send your e-mails to

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