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Since the release of a Presentation of the PrimeIncome project on February 17 (you can read it here ) the administration has made many changes. First...

Since the release of a Presentation of the PrimeIncome project on February 17 (you can read it here) the administration has made many changes. First of all, the live support was implemented, then such payment options as Moneybookers, Neteller and PerfectMoney were added. After that, in addition to initial investment plans that offered 1% for 20 days and 3%-5% for 90 days they launched short-term plans paying 105% after 3 days ($100 minimum), 115% after 7 days ($70 minimum), 135% after 15days ($25 minimum).

And now you may forget about all those investment plans because in the recent newsletter the admin informs that from now on only one plan is offered. It pays 1% daily for 90 days on deposits from $5 to $20,000. Profit is paid on Monday-Friday and principal is promised to be returned on expiry. If you wonder why the admin made such a decision, here is an official explanation:

“Due to the responsible nature of our company towards its investors, we are offering a 1% interest daily on money invested, in order to ensure that your payments will always be paid promptly and on time. Furthermore, unlike other investment companies who offer a greater percentage of your money back and often fail to deliver, we here at Prime Income, insist on always being able to come through to our investors, as that is our policy. In this way we insure that our company will never be at risk of shutting down.”

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