Updated: 03/07/2012 19:02
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This week publishing the presentations starts from Wednesday, although there have been pretty many programs added this week. Don't forget, dear readers, it's just the constant monitoring of our listing that would let you be aware of all the openings along with the status changes. And here, in presentations you can learn, as we call it the programs "features", the one that would let you understand the main peculiarity, the thing that matters most about this or that project. So, today we are presenting the project called MoneyPalace.

Well, first of all, it should be mentioned that MoneyPalace is a short-term pay on expiry investment project. Which means the profit earned is supposed to be paid together with the deposit. The return terms are the following: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 15 days and 30 days. The profit is accordingly: 130%, 200%, 275%, 370%, 700%, 1500%. Sounds attractive isn't it?

Though don't get your hopes up. MoneyPalace is considered to be a sort of a short-term high yield program that is using high interests first of all as the marketing constituent part. For instance, the first plan, where you can join with $10 minimum, offers the pure profit of 5%. The second plan lets you double your deposit, but only if you invest $30k.

So, despite the obvious and incredible profitability, MoneyPalace is a kind of a balanced investment project. Well, naturally 5% daily, which is a minimum to earn in this project is pretty much as well, though don't forget, you risk your deposit, which makes 100%. And you take risk every time you want to earn 5%. I have already mentioned, investing to short-term projects - is a special game, so if you are good at it, there's no need to explain.

MoneyPalace accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. It also has DDoS protection and SSL Encryption from Comodo. The project was started on March 4.


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