Updated: 03/12/2012 11:51
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According to the latest newsletter from CreditProgramBank , AlertPay has been excluded from the list of accepted payment options. The admin informs...

According to the latest newsletter from CreditProgramBank, AlertPay has been excluded from the list of accepted payment options. The admin informs that from the moment CreditProgramBank started working with this payment processor, it automatically blocked 35% of all incoming funds and on Friday, March 9, they blocked the whole account without giving a reason.

If you have been investing and reading our news for a long time, you should know that such situations are not rare in the HYIP world and usually projects are unable to unblock their AlertPay accounts. This can be done by providing documents proving the legal status of the project, so no wonder why most of them fail to pass. Once AlertPay started blocking many accounts and did not return money of investors on filed disputes, which caused collapse of popular projects and money loss for investors.

At that time AlertPay became less popular because no one wanted to deal with it “ neither investors nor admins. However, it is still popular and investors still choose it thinking it is safe to invest via AlertPay, because in case a project they invested in scams, they will be able to file a dispute and get their money back with the help of AP. It does happen, however not all the time. Anyway, it seems that the administration of CreditProgramBank is not even going to try to unblock their account and simply removed AP from the list. From now on all withdrawal requests via this payment processor will be cancelled.

In order to try to get your money back, they recommend making the following steps: open a transaction dispute at AlertPay; if AP denies your ticket, you should make a screenshot of this denial and send it to, it will be checked in personal correspondence with you and if everything is okay, your funds will be exchanged into another payment option; in case you send a fake screenshot, your account will be blocked.

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