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There are programs which can be described in one sentence. There are programs, the characteristics of which expressed in one sentence may be more interesting than in case they are expressed in a long story. I think that Silver Structure is one of those projects. It offers only one plan, the duration of which is 150 days, there is a forum and there are representatives in seven countries. And still, they make a profit on a single thing – trading silver.

For example, they tell how easy it was in 2008 to get 70% profit in a short period of time just by buying silver at the lowest price. So they buy and sell it. And offer you 2% per day for your investment. That is, you give your money for trading to professionals of Silver Structure, and they give you profit for that. At a rate of 2% per day. The most pleasant thing is that it happens on calendar days, i.e. every day you will receive profit.

What's interesting, is that Silver Structure accepts deposits starting from $1. I have not seen a long-term program that requests less than $10 for a long time. Although, you have to pay a minimum amount of $5,000 if you invest in Silver Structure via a bank.

In addition, they have a two-level referral program (4+2%), as well as a Representative Program. Under the terms of this program, you need to send information specified in a special form, and if your candidature is approved, you will get the status of a representative. It allows you to earn a slightly higher referral commission: 6% on the first level and 3% on the second one.

For feedback you can use not only a feedback form and a system of tickets, but also a callback request form. Live support works too (its button is located on the top of the site). The final point in the portrait of Silver Structure can put pages called Tutorial and Appraisals, so don’t miss your chances to get acquainted with Silver Structure.


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