Updated: 03/15/2012 15:35
Hyip Monitor

Today the administration of Rockferry Fund is happy to announce a one-month anniversary of their project. It was launched on February 15 and at the moment is listed on more than 30 HYIP monitors. As you may remember, there are three investment plans at Rockferry Fund:

110-140% after 5 calendar days ($5-$5,000); 140-160% after 10 calendar days ($5-$10,000); 10-12% daily for 20 calendar days ($50-$15,000). However, due to this small anniversary, they decided to offer a promo plan that is available till tomorrow. It is much more profitable than the other three plans and offers 150% after 3 days for deposits from $10 to $5,000.

Of course, such unexpected short-term offers may be dangerous and significantly increase investment risks. Although it may not be the case with Rockferry Fund, you should anyway be aware of that if you decide to risk and to invest. Another suspicious announcement is the following one:

“For security reasons we have changed instant withdrawals to manual due to some of our investors are abusing our referral program and instant withdrawals isn't good in this case. Now we pay within 24 hours and you should allow this time according to our terms.”

Note, that this is another trick used by admins before leaving, so let’s see whether Rockferry Fund will confirm this tendency. And there is also some good news to demonstrate that everything is great with the project. First of all, it is informed that SolidTrustPay is on the last step of verification process and should be available very soon. Second of all, you can join Rockferry Fund on its Facebook page.

And the last thing informed about is that the project has a representative from the USA. His name is Tim and if you have any questions he is ready to assist you from 10AM to 5PM GMT by phone +1(415) 871-0801.

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