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As usual, on Thursday the PR Department of ExpertPortfolio released a regular weekly newsletter in pdf. First of all, some news on a project is...

As usual, on Thursday the PR Department of ExpertPortfolio released a regular weekly newsletter in pdf. First of all, some news on a project is provided. The profitability of investment portfolios has remained stable this week, the number of investors is growing each day and the affiliate program is very popular among investors. Therefore the administration plans to introduce a regional representative program as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

And for now, if you wish to participate in an affiliate program, you can benefit from a 7% commission, which is higher than the average one in the market and it may be very profitable to refer new clients.

In the second part of a newsletter it is informed about latest news from the markets (gold investment and futures market), which are included in the investment portfolio of ExpertPortfolio (you can find out about a diversification principle on the Investment Portfolios page) and trading activity it is involved in:

To start with the ˜gold investment the main news that will possibly affect the situation on the whole is the Bloomberg report concerning the future of gold for the year 2012. As reported, gold prices could gain 21% in 2012. There are several reasons for that, among which are the attempts of Europe to contain its debt crisis, along with the China economy slow movement.

As for the ˜futures market its all about gold here as well. Gold futures have rallied 4.9 percent this year to $1,642.90 on the Comex in New York. That compares with a 9.1 percent jump in the Standard & Poors GSCI Spot Index of 24 commodities, and a 11 percent appreciation in the MSCI All- Country World Index of equities. Treasuries lost 0.9 percent, a Bank of America Corp. index shows.

Seems, theres nothing more stable than gold nowadays, its the ultimate downside protection both for private investors, central banks and other authorities. Choosing gold as a constituent part of our investment portfolios adds more stability and gives certain degree of confidence to the investors of ExpertPortfolio.

In the third part of a newsletter you will find out about blogs that ExpertPortfolio cooperates with. Blogs provide regular news updates, informing readers about everything going on in the market. That is why the team of ExpertPortfolio chose several of them that are most informative and have large readers database, therefore are able to spread the news about ExpertPortfolio, about its updates along with possible reviews and interviews. The list of them as well as some more information can be seen in a full version of a newsletter (https://www.expertportfolio.com/ExpertPortfolio-Official-Weekly-Newsletter-03-15-2012.pdf).

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