Updated: 03/20/2012 14:29
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First newsletter from the the general manager of the World of Profit website, Mr. Douglas Randall, is issued. Within the newsletter, Mr. Douglas talks about establishing of the company, based in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in 2009. The company provides investment services to a narrow circle of clients, and now has extended the services online, making them available for the individual investors worldwide.

Willing to contact the company representative are offered to use the phone line, calling the support to +442002227094. Once not available, investors may reach the customer support via the live chat.

Basically World of Profit is a typical fast HYIP, meaning, theoretically you can earn profit within days. Indeed, the investment plans, offered in World of Profit are typical for this kind of projects. Investors are offered to join the following investment plans: 128% after 1 day, 280% after 4 days, 700% after 8 days,1260% after 16 days, 2953% after 31 days, 12232% after 60 days with principal included in profit for each of them.

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