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Openings. Dear readers! Welcome to the HYIP informational survey by HYIPNews.com, where you will always find the hottest news from the world of high yield investing, regular updates of the top programs on the arena. You will also become aware of the changes in the paying statuses of the programs, what the problems ones are and what have successfully recovered from the problems. The team of HYIPNews.com is working for you! We are proud to be in use for the HYIP investors, who enjoy reading the regular informational surveys. Among all, we are giving the list of the new programs that appeared within the last three days, which is starting right below.

Corporate Income Funds (corporateincomefunds.com) 2-3% daily for 70 days!
ForexCashMakers (forexcashmakers.com) 1.3-2.0% daily for 90 days!

TopoilTrade (topoiltrade.com), Vienna Fund (viennafund.com), Stable Gains (stable-gains.com), AmirahFinance (amirahfinance.com), HTIC (htic.biz), Paradise Fund (paradise-fund.com), Golden Shares (goldenshares.biz), YepStock (yepstock.com), WscIncome (wscincome.com), VoltageInv (voltageinv.com), Forexion (forexion.biz), Realty Return (realtyreturn.com), Strongearn (strongearn.com), Progress-Profit (progress-profit.com), Forex Empire (forexempire.net), Really Benefit (reallybenefit.com), Baccarat Returns (baccaratreturns.com), Genius Funds Hourly (geniusfundshourly.info).

So, dear readers! You see the list of the new programs is rather large as usual. Most of them are typical template-like HYIPs, which seem not to pretend working for long. Anyway time will show and form the investment point of view, you are first of all recommended to take a closer look at the programs in the first section of the Openings section, with the detailed description. At least they look original. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question.


Top Best Fund – not paying
Piggy Finance – not paying
True Expert – not paying
Expect Fund – not paying
FINEP Capital – not paying
Rockferry Fund – not paying
Funds Life – not paying
Oyo Fund Ltd – not paying
Money Palas – not paying
Silver Traders – not paying
Day Day Earn – not paying
Stream Finance – not paying
Deva Fund – not paying

So, dear readers! Today's list of Problem programs is fortunately to many investors is not that large. Well there are some that are not mentioned, that remained problem since last time, and naturally there are some new additions to the Problem section. We are sorry to acknowledge that not a single release of our informational survey can live without this section. Naturally we wish there were no Problems at all, however it's impossible in the world of HYIP. We wish all investors of the problem programs luck. And for the new ones it is recommended to stay away from investing to the programs mentioned above.

Events. The admin of Investix (investix.net) has issued the newsletter telling about several new features that has been implemented to the site. The main update concerns the automatic payouts. From now on, the investors are able to choose between LR or PM account for the automatic payouts to be completed to. The very same moment investors' profit is calculated, it goes immediately to the e-currency account selected. No need to login to the member area of Investix (investix.net) every day to check the payment stats, however, one has to login at least once per week in order to confirm to selection of automated payout. This is a wise step and from the security point of view it adds more points to Investix (investix.net). Another advantage for those who enable automated payment proofs on their accounts is some small cash bonuses from the management of Investix (investix.net).

OneInv (oneinv.biz) admin launches the new investment plan that pays 2250% after 150 days. The new plan pays on expiry, though one can hardly believe anyone will get the money after 150 days though, especially taking into account that the minimum for joining this new plan from OneInv (oneinv.biz) is $1000. It's not hard to assume that admin is still planning to work for 150 days from now on, and implementing the new plans is nothing but another chance of involving new investors. That is why, it is strongly recommended not to invest into the plans newly implemented.

PlexCapital (plexcapital.com) launches new Silver and Gold Plans. The plans profitability is much higher than that in the plans, previously working. At the same time the plans offering 10% or 12% daily are hard to sustain, hence we may assume it's another trick of the PlexCapital (plexcapital.com) admin to get more investors, which is hard to complete, because the minimum for the new implemented plans is high enough.

Iforexllc (iforexllc.com) launch the bonus campaign that is going to last for month, starting March 20, ending April 20. As of the terms of the bonus campaign, 5% is added for every new deposit to Iforexllc (iforexllc.com). The only limit for the bonus is the maximum bonus amount should not exceed $1000.

Good News. Online Business Management Co (obmco.com) is the only Good News for today. However, it's a partially good news anyway. The thing is that positive status has been resumed only on one catalog. As for the rest, it remains either Not Paying or Stay Away. So, to be sincere, we can hardly say there's any piece of good news today. And as for Online Business Management Co (obmco.com), we still recommend you to beware and watch it for a while before taking a decision either to invest or not.

Closures. Robo Shares (71 days), eMoney (7 days), Aim Benefit (6 days), Online Money Home (44 days), Invest Isle (7 days), GM-Funds (35 days).

HYIP Blogs. HYIPInvestigation.com posts another update and as we may assume, within this update, the admin is trying to single out the HYIP Royalty7 from the rest, particularly from the point of view of Alexa stats. Within the post it can be seen that Alexa rank of the HYIP mentioned has grown significantly within last 4 months and the rising trend still prevails. There is also a comparison to other HYIPs, from which it can be seen that Royalty7 is winning the CreditProgramBank, which is considered one of the Top programs today. We all know Alexa rank is not the ultimate source to know of the program potential. And very often it may be not worth replying upon, when taking the decision to invest or not. Still the facts are obvious, Royalty7 has concentrated upon its Alexa rank in a very serious way, so I bet, in any case, this blog update will be interesting to read for all those, interested in the HYIP industry development. See more following the link: http://hyipinvestigation.com/newbies/alexa-war-royalty7/

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