Updated: 03/21/2012 13:43
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Network Fund has notified its members regarding the update in the investment plans currently offered. The investment plans are now varied up to 27% daily for 5 days, with the principal included into the profit. The current structure counts 7 investment plans, that pay from 21% up to 27% daily, and the investment period for every plan is 5 days.

Let us remind you of some basic information that may be useful for potential investors. The minimum to join Network Fund is $10 and there is no maximum. Compounding is also not available for any of the investment plans. As for the e-currencies accepted, Network Fund accepts Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and AlertPay.

Apart from the investment plan update, web-site design has been changed as well. We congratulate the management of the project, cause the current design looks brighter, and more attractive, showing more information on the front page. This if extremely useful for the HYIP investors to have all in one place, to speed up the choice of investment opportunity.

The Network Fund project has been just added to our listing and we hope in the future we'll have more good news about the project. Good luck to the admin and its investors!

Walter Anderson,

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