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Openings. Another Friday! Another HYIP Informational Survey from HYIPNews.com! More updates on working programs online. More alerts on problem programs. Another pack of latest events from the life of HYIPs online. You get all the required information not to get lost in the rough world of HYIP. HYIPNews.com team is glad to give you all you need to know about HYIPs here in one place! AS usually we start the informational survey from the openings of the week:

Corporate Income Funds (corporateincomefunds.com) 2-3% daily up to 70 calendar day(s)!
Dream Prosperity (dreamprosperity.biz) 8-36% hourly up to 280 calendar day(s)

HTIC Corporation (htic.biz), Topoil Trade (topoiltrade.com), Amirah Finance (amirahfinance.com), LinkFinance (link-finance.com), CanannFunds (canannfunds.com), Forexion (forexion.biz), GoldenShares (goldenshares.biz), WscIncome (wscincome.com), Platinum Dream (platinum-dream.com), MoneyTrend (money-trend.net), TopMoneyShare (topmoneyshare.com), GetProfitClub (getprofitclub.com), Forex Empire (forexempire.net).

There are 2 programs in in the first part of the Openings section of our HYIP Informational Survey. 2 programs that may become potentially long-term. They at least don't look like template-made ones, also having a unique design and possibly individual approach with long-term investment approach are now presented at the attention of our dear readers. Of course, we are not recommending any of the new programs appeared. However, you should be aware, the programs with the detailed description are quite possibly having more chances for long work than the programs from the second part. Whatever it is, always make your due diligence and try to monitor the activity of any program you are planning to join before actually depositing funds.


Professional Traders - not paying
Lucrative Mart - not paying
Nano Technology Funds - not paying
Capital-Funds - not paying
Rothschild Global - not paying

There are only 5 programs in the Problem list today. It's not that numerous as we had last time. Still there are some programs, which are not paying to their members. There are more or less long-term programs and comparatively new programs, which have just appeared online and now got the Problem status. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the HYIP informational survey.

Events. Local Market Trading Center (lmtc.co) adds SolidTrustPay. STP has become the 4th e-currency in the list of accepted options. Not bad for a one-month old program. The move was first of all aimed at increasing the popularity of Local Market Trading Center (lmtc.co) among the HYIP investors.

IForexllc (iforexllc.com) sends the notification to the members, saying that the site is best shown with the screen resolution 1024õ768. For maximum comfortable use of the site, the browsers Firefox, Google chrome, Safari or Opera are recommended. by the admin of IForexllc (iforexllc.com).

Good News. Dear investors, please meet the winners of the current week. These 3 HYIPs have managed to sustain and get back to the market with minimakl losses after they faced a trial of Problem status in the last informational surve by HYIPNews.com. Here are their Top Best Fund (topbestfund.com), True Expert (trueexpert.net) and Funds Life (fundslife.biz), these investment opportunities have already began building up the trust score again. Hope they will manage it and get back to Paying.

Emoney. AlertPay expands further to Bangladesh.In cooperation with the Bank of Asia, AlertPay is planning to strengthen its presense in Asia and in Bangladesh in particular. The reason to this is official launch of AlertPay's online payment services to Bangladesh. The news might be not of a great interest to the HYIP community, however for many Bangladeshi people this banking initiative is a pleasant news, anyway. Md Mehmood Husain, President and Managing Director of Bank Asia is sure that the bank’s partnership with AlertPay will deliver the easiest and most affordable global bank transfer withdrawals ever available to Bangladeshis. See the complete article here: http://blog.alertpay.com/2012/03/bank-asia-officially-launches-alertpays.html

The news, which is being discussed all around the HYIP community lately is whether the US FinCEN law against e-currencies like Liberty Reserve and AlertPay really lead to the e-currency after March 31, 2012. The thing is that according to the article in the magazine: http://issuu.com/dgcmagazine/docs/digital-gold-currency-mag-november-2011?mode=window&pageNumber=9, which is actually dated back to November, starting March 31st 2012, Liberty Reserve, AlertPay and other e-currencies will become illegal businesses for the United States government. To be short, no need to panic, first of all. All main e-currencies: AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney or SolidTrustPay are located and registered outside United States. AlertPay is recognized by the Canadian Government, LibertyReserve is registered at Costa Rica. Well, obviously if the States want to get down someone, they can hardly find any country that would refuse them. Another word for the e-currencies and HYIP sphere - HYIPs have been illegal in the US for a long time, however that fact didn't prevent the US citizens against using them for playing with HYIPs. Whatever the situation will be after March 31, 2012, so far there's no reason to panic at all, especially, since the official website of http://www.fincen.gov doesn't have any notification about this issue. Strange, isn't it?

Closures. Expect Fund (74 days), FINEP Capital (72 days), Rockferry Fund (37 days), Oyo Fund Ltd (32 days), Money Palas (20 days), Silver Traders (21 days), Day Day Earn (18 days), Stream Finance (10 days), Deva Fund (11 days), Fast Profit Invest (4 days), Preferred Income (9 days), FX Inv (10 days).

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