Updated: 03/26/2012 12:10
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Updated: The the migration process to a new Hosting provider has been completed, any pending withdrawals should be paid shortly. In case of some delays, reports are appreciated.

The administration of EarnReturn has initiated the migration to a new hosting provider. In the latest newsletter sent to the members, it is reported about the possible missing payouts for the period of migration. The process will supposedly take between 2-3 days, sometimes even sooner.

The administration of EarnReturn promises to credit all missing interest and process all pending withdraws immediately after completing the migration to a new hosting server. Obviously the willing of the administration to move to the new hosting, which is more secured can speak of rising popularity. Quite possibly the audience of the project is rising and they are in need of a larger platform.

As reported in the newsletter, the main reason for migrating to the new hosting is to improve our websites performance, stability and to prevent any future downtime. Well then, good luck with the initiative. Hope everything will be processed smoothly, with no continuous site downtime. And we are sure, if it's all done properly, the project administration can count on investors' understanding and full support. Upon completing the migration, the members of EarnReturn are asked to send the feedback, concerning the site functionality. Let's see how it works then.

Walter Anderson, HYIPNews.com

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