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Good day, dear investors! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to present you with the regular HYIP Informational Survey, which is issued twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Today we are strating to post the updated version of the informational survey. Apart from the sections, you might have got used to, we are introducing the new section, showing the currently Top investment opportunities, monitored by the HYIPNews.com web portal. And surely, you will become aware of the latest events from the HYIPs, not even listed at HYIPNews.com. The warnings against the problem and closed programs are also available. So let us start now with introducing the 'Top Choice' section of the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com

Top Choice

Within this section we are simply going to remind our dear subscribers and readers of the Top 5 programs currently listed on our site. As you may assume, thre list may change from survey to survey, though whatever it is there are constant values anyway, the programs that remain on top for a long time enough.

1. ExpertPortfolio (expertportfolio.com)
Listed: 232 days
Profit: 1.5-2.0% daily for 12 weeks!
Term: up to 84 calendar day(s)

2. World of Profit (worldofprofit.net)
Listed: 28 days
Profit: 128-280% after 1-4 days 700-1260% after 8-16 days!
Term: up to 60 calendar day(s)

3. Diamond Rain (diamond-rain.net)
Listed: 38 days
Profit: 131-251% after 1-7 days 601-6001% after 7-15 days!
Term: up to 1-45 calendar day(s)

4. CFD Online (cfdonline.cc)
Listed: 7 days
Profit: 1-2.5% daily! Compounding, principal back.
Term: up to 90 calendar day(s)

5. Royalty7 (royalty7.com)
Listed: 117 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

These are the Top Choice of the weekend. The actual situation is like that. In the future, we'll update you on the progress within the Top 5 listing at HYIPNews.com. And now we proceed to the Openings section:


Perfected Income (perfectedincome.com) 124-195% after 1-3 days, 320-900% after 5-10 days, 1500-12000 after 15-60 days!
AmanInv (amaninv.com) 129-230% after 1-3 days, 630-1111% after 7-15 days!

Woman Gold (woman-gold.com), Vertical Profits (vertical-profits.com), Profit Arena (profit-arena.com), Perfect Investment (perfect-investment.net), GFX Invest (gfx-invest.com), Uniq Earner (uniqearner.com), Hourly Honest (hourlyhonest.com), Real Withdrawals (real-withdrawls.com), PrimFund (primfund.com), 2xForLife (2xforlife.com), HyipForYou (hyipforyou.com), LynxMoney (lynxmoney.com), 2breed (2breed.org), Perfect Liberty (perfect-liberty.biz), DuoMoney (duomoney.com), Vina Income (vinaincome.com), FQ FX Trade (fx2012.org), Ermix Group (ermixgroup.com), Oil Profits (oilprofits.biz), Mint (mint.bz), Gold Earn (gold-earn.com).

As usually, we have a bunch of typical ordinary HYIPs. Their number is larger as usually. Every day, some new HYIP appears on the stage. It's a pity nearly all of them are so fast to disappear. Well, it's the rules of the game. One should know them before startig to play. And of course one should be extremely cautious, entering the market with som many investment opportunities, realizing that lots of them won't even pay the first profit withdrawal to you. Be careful, dear investors!


Key 4 Success Ltd - not paying
Qioma - not paying
LMTC Co - not paying
Neco Funds - not paying
Mass Inv - not paying
Funds Life - not paying
Really Benefit - not paying

The list of Problem prorgams today is not much larger than last Firday. Howeve, there are still programs, which have recently been launched and within a short lifetime period they didn't manage to sustain the pressure and are close to shutting down. I wish they all were moved to the Good News section this Friday, although i can hardly believe that would happen. Remember, dear investors, due diligence is the best you can do to secure yourself from being scammed. Good luck to all!

Events. Investix (investix.net) adds new feature for its investors. From now on the members can send invitations to join Investix (investix.net) by using their link. Apart from the usual referral bonuses, active partners can earn cash bonuses to their accounts, which can be taken as a withdrawal anytime. This new feature is an addition to existing bonus for automated testimonials posted. Seems like the admin is taking lots of efforts for pleasing the partners and we can't deny, this strategy may become effective at the end.

GeniusVenture (geniusventure.com) is showing some disturbing signs, which may eventually lead to soon collapse of the program. The thing is that quite recently the admin of GeniusVenture (geniusventure.com) has started to launch new investment plans, and they do not fit the general trend and the basi investment plan, that has been working before. 1.5%-3% for 300 days is a longterm investment opportunity. Speaking about the new plans, they are offering 7%-8% for 180 days, 2%-7% for 90 days and the most recent one paying 17%-20% for 70 days. It's right the time for investors of GeniusVenture (geniusventure.com) to think about quitting the program, or perhaps investing only the amounts, one can afford to lose. Golden rule of playing a HYIP game.

PanamaHedgeFund (phedgefund.com) is preparing the Initial Public Offering in April 2012. Within the offering investors of PanamaHedgeFund (phedgefund.com) will be offered to exchange Stocks among other users, predictable and profitable rates. This and many other things are expected. No idea, how it will be processed, if it's actually live till April comes. If it does, we all would like to see how this IPO looks like.

NewGNi (newgni.com) launches another testimonial contest. The possibility to win the $50 to $200 cash prize opens to those, who are active promoters of NewGNi (newgni.com). The ones who will tell why they choose this project in a more original way are going to become the winners. Here are the rules of the contest, nothing difficult. All you have to do is to popularize the project, nothing more.

HoldingsTrade (holdingstrade.net) changes the compounding rate from up to 100% to 30% only. Closer to the end of the first 60-days cycle, the admin of the project is lowering the compounding rate. Good sign, to be sincere. Decreasing the profitability of the investment plans can speak of the intention to keep on working after the first cycle ends. Let's hope everything is going to be fine for the investors of HoldingsTrade (holdingstrade.net)

Good News. Seems that this Tuesday we don't have good news for you dear investors. As you can remember, last Friday we only had 5 programs in the Problems section and no wonder that none of them got back from Problem and some got even moved to Closures section of today's informational survey. We are sorry for that, dear investorsm however, this industry is full of risks and you should have been aware of that.

Emoney. Popular HYIP blog Money-News-Online has issued the update, reporting that Liberty Reserve is temporally disabled from the list of accepted e-currencies on the resource. The reason for that as reported by the admin of Money-News-Online blog is: "more messages appearing on forums like Talkgold (click here to read this disturbing thread) regarding hacking incidents which apparently happen to people using LibertyReserve. This has happened to many people now as the alleged hacker resets all the passwords in order to gain access to accounts and steals the money by transferring it to his own accounts... it's very obvious now that LibertyReserve has become an unsafe payment processor where your money can be stolen at any time. Therefore, starting today I will stop accepting LibertyReserve for all types of advertising on MNO until the issue is fixed or at least LR administration acknowledges it and proposes some concrete measures to make the accounts safer..."

AlertPay is introducind the piloting AlertPay's deposit by Credit Card. The test group of selected AlertPay customers is going to help developing this feature of depositing to e-wallets via credit cards. It is expected that by the end of April, AlertPay will be able to provide members with the finest possible process for using your Visa or MasterCard via AlertPay. Can't wait to that actually. It's going to become a real breakthrough for the industry and for the future of this payment system.

Closures. Capital-Funds (86 days), Yep Stock (8 days), Wsc Income (7 days), FX Master (18 days), Professional Hyip (25 days), Inter Galaxy Traders (28 days), Nano Assets (30 days), Forward Trust Company (30 days), Vofund (50 days), Swap Invest (134 days).

HYIP Blogs. The popular blog Hyipinvestigation.com is offering a very interesting update regarding the scripts used in the HYIP industry. Within the update the author is comparing 4 different HYIP scripts: Goldcoders, Shadow, Probiz and MonetarySoft. The comparison is based on several criteria: Script Popularity, Supported E-currencies, License Checker, Script Security, and Price. If you want to know the specification of every script given above, if you are eager to know which one is the best, you just need to check this post: http://hyipinvestigation.com/newbies/hyip-script/

Another update on the popular Private HYIP Blog is about the problems with Liberty Reserve, if it's safe or hackers can steal your money. We've already mentioned above that some resources have disabled Liberty Reserve temporally at least. Within this blog update, Frank, is trying to find out where the truth is and what is nothing but a myth. At least i can agree with one statement here: "Liberty Reserve has too much to lose . They can't afford to lose our trust. We're talking about big $$$ !" Damn right, Mr. Frank! See more here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/03/27/liberty-reserve-safe-or-hackers-can-steal-your-e-currency/

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