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MoneyEra has presented the regular biweekly newsletter on the actual state of the program development. Marked with the stable profit growth, the...

MoneyEra has presented the regular bi-weekly newsletter on the actual state of the program development. Marked with the stable profit growth, the recent two weeks have shown the explosive foreign currency profits, as reported mainly due to the multi-currency arbitrage robot used. As informed earlier the robot is capable of trading up to 50 currency pairs simultaneously, which at the same time requires serious power for processing. In search of additional power sources, the computational pool of MoneyEra has been upgraded the previous week.

Speaking about robots, there is also another one, which is going to be launched this week. The hedging trade robot is based upon applying various financial tools for earning the arbitrage profit. Being able to pin down a correlation between financial derivatives and exploiting it to the utmost, this robot will hopefully serve the long-term stability of the program, being able to provide very smooth trading cash flow in the long run.

There's also an important update concerning operating the site of the program MoneyEra. Due to numerous requests and followed by multiple offerings, the management of the program has decided to implement the new method of profit cash-out to its investors. After getting the positive response from the banking partner, the MoneyEra project is about to to provide FREE debit cards for Premium investors first and soon for all investors of the program. The debit cards can simplify the withdrawal process, cause cashing out Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money can be real hassle sometime. Premium investors may contact the support of the program and claim for their debit card.

One more update, the newsletter contains concerns the Moneyera Social module, which is now on the final stage and is about to be launched within weeks. The module's purpose is to create the social network exclusively for members and promoters of the program. Good luck with all the innovations and look forward to seeing them with our own eyes.

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