Updated: 03/30/2012 15:33
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Warning CORPORATE INCOME FUNDS potentially dangerous for investment the reason for that is lack of security when processing instant withdrawals

Update: The site has been given the "Not Paying" status. The program is dangerous for investment.

CIF issues the newsletter and answers one question that seems to be of a great interest for the majority of their investors. So, if it's going to implement instant withdrawals. The answer is - No! CIF is not planning to do that. As explained, the reason for that is lack of security when processing instant withdrawals. Many other HYIPs have suffered greatly after implementing the instant withdrawal system having their money stolen. This problem is now even more actual, when more and more people are having problems with stealing money from their LR accounts after having them hacked, so instant withdrawals is not an option for CIF.

While investors have nothing to do apart from enjoying the manual withdrawals from the project, the admin reminds them on some withdrawal terms, currently valid. First of all, AlertPay investors are able to make withdrawal requests taking into account that the minimum for withdrawals via AlertPay is $1 and this rule is actually goes from AlertPay TOS. The requests for smaller amounts are returned to the account owners.

The admin is worried about numerous support requests that are sent by investors, asking for the withdrawals, which are pending for less than 48 hours. As explained in the newsletter currently there are 2 payruns that are done within a day. In order to make the time between the request and the payment actually, another payrun is about to be added, so admin kindly asks everyone not to make a support ticket is the withdrawal request is pending less than 48 hours as of the TOS of the project, quoted below:

- You can make a partial or full withdrawal of the cleared and available money held into your Account. There may be a delay in us carrying out your instructions while monitoring and fraud prevention checks take place.
- The minimum amount you can withdraw is $0.01 - Withdrawals are subject to cleared funds being available in the Account. Withdrawals may be subject to delays if there are actual or potential fraud prevention reasons for doing so.
- We will process your instruction as soon as possible in the first 48 hours on request."

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