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Recently we got reports from investors and members of the program Royalty7 concerning the email, which has been delivered to the members of this...

Recently we got reports from investors and members of the program Royalty7 concerning the e-mail, which has been delivered to the members of this project. Within the e-mail, there is a notification saying that Royalty7 is implementing new short-term plan that is offering 150% Profit after 2 days (Principle Included). Inside the e-mail there is also a link, clicking which investors are recommended to complete a deposit to the new short-term plan.

Naturally, this situation seemed extremely suspicious to us and HYIPNews.com has initiated its own investigation. We sent the request to Royalty7 asking for the genuine nature of the e-mail. And guess what...? We got the immediate reply. Let me quote it:

" This is definitely a fake email! Please disregard this email.
You can clearly see it points to a different LibertyReserve account.
We only have 2 investment plans and they are written in here http://royalty7.com/investment_plans
Our one and only LibertyReserve account is: U2650904 and we will never request you to send funds directly..."

We are glad this situation is resolved soon and we strongly recommend everyone to stay alert and watch the incoming mails carefully, and moreover never open any suspicious links.

There is also another case of spam attack, though this time it concerns the program, CreditProgramBank, which has already been blacklisted, though it still sends spam e-mails, perhaps trying to get access to investors Liberty Reserve accounts. The scheme is usual. The fake e-mails offers members to activate instant payouts to their Liebrty Reserve accounts. To do that, creating a new API is required. Never trust any messages like that! It's a deirect way to having your LR account stolen. We warn you against any spam attacks that may come to your e-mails as if from the name of Royalty7 and CreditProgramBank.

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