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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 142 published by Brett Sherpan on April 06, 2012

Good day, dear investors! Happy Easter Holidays! Today on Good Friday we are going to draw some conclusions on things going on the HYIP market. Another week is over and HYIPNews.com is providing you with the latest information from the arena of HYIP. The HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com is giving you the latest news on programs, the updates on problem and new programs as well as the review of hot blog updates. Stay tuned and make your fortune, basing upon the knowledge of HYIPNews.com specialists. The HYIP informational survey is going to be published on our site, as well as mailed to the opt-in list of our subscribers. All you need to know about HYIP arena is here in one place. Let us start with the Top Choice section of the HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com:

Top Choice. Here you go - 5 Top listed investment opportunities of the HYIPNews.com listing.

1. ExpertPortfolio
Listed: 242 days
Profit: 1.5-2.0% daily for 12 weeks!
Term: up to 84 calendar day(s)

2. Royalty7
Listed: 127 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

3. Globo Treasure
Listed: 150 days
Profit: 1.4-2.8% daily!
Term: up to 150 - 210 day(s)

4. Felmina
Listed: 270 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 business day(s)

5. Solid Forex
Listed: 142 days
Profit: 1.2-3% daily!
Term: up to 180-200 business day(s)

The Top program is still ExpertPortfolio. The second place is now taken by Royalty7, while World of Profit has been assigned with PROBLEM status for fake monitoring seals and multiple non-paying reports!. There is also one newcomer to the Top Choice. It's Solid Forex, which is currently taking the 5th place of our listing. Good luck to all HYIPs listed! And now we shall proceed with the Openings of the week.

Openings. And now we shall proceed with the Openings of the week.

Swissonlinefund 1.2-2.2% daily for 180 days!

Australian-trust 1-2% for 30-180 days!
Megaforexinvest 1-2% for 90-180 days!

Megaforexinvest Top-payment Forespay Dailyprofitalways Hourlystrong Exdeposit Vetal-pay Zmprivatefund Truepaying Justprofitdeal Firesurfice Infinitydegrees Megaforexinvest Profitfxpro Yestrades Validearn Crossbanking Bubble-multiplier Aliprofit Success-double Perfect-stocks Sexcasinoprofit Rapidgain Networkempire Fortunetango Businessdope Instant-doubler Financialbeing Fast2fastcash Coffeebreakprofits Assetslogic

Ok then, there are 2 programs with the detailed description. These ones at least look original and are potentially having long-term investment plans. The rest of the list is the pack of typical template-like HYIPs, typical "fasts", which would possibly stay not more than a month or even less. First of all, we recommend you to take a closer look at the programs in the first section of the Openings section, the ones with the detailed description. Whatever your choice is, please don't forget to make your own due diligence. HYIPNews.com is ready to assist you with any possible question. And now we are proceeding to the Problems section. Good luck with your investment choice.


HotPaying - not paying
My Diamond Share
- not paying
Wales Finance
- not paying
Owner Commerce
- not paying
World Funds Invests
- not paying
Houston Project Managment
- not paying
Vertical Profits
- not paying
Get Profit - not paying
Mah Funds
- not paying

World of Profit - not paying

So, there is another list of Problem programs. The programs are different, though there's the only advice: they are NOT recommended for investing. The team of HYIPNews.com recommends all active investors of the HYIPs, given above, trying to contact the admins as soon as possible, and if possible to take the funds out of these HYIPs. Wish you luck with that, in case you fail, not to let other investors be scammed, notify of your bad experience on forums and monitoring sites. It will stop others from investing to Problem HYIPs. And on the other hand, we sincerely hope to see all Problem programs in the next release of our informational survey in the Good News section.

Events. Eurex Trade has announced the coming holidays payment schedule. According to it, the following days are announced as non-trading, hence no profit is going to be earned on: 04/06/2012 Good Friday and 04/09/2012 Easter Monday. As for deposits and withdrawal requests, they are processed as usually.

AmbrianInvestment adds new payment option in addition to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. From now on investors may join AmbrianInvestment and deposit via SolitTrustPay.

Money Trend reports on unique terms for transferring funds via Alpha Bank. From now on in any branch of Russia one can recharge the account directly with cash in ATM. To cash out funds, there is no need to have the Alpha Bank account registered. It's enough to use the internal exchanger within the account in Money Trend. The exchange to any possible payment system is possible with no fee.

Good News. Oil Finance and Ozzo Forex are the only HYIPs in today's informational survey that returned from the Problems section, since Tuesday. All listing sites have resumed the Paying status for these HYIPs. Investors seem to be satisfied with the payment statuses and we'd like to congratulate all investors and admin of the project with the status renewal.

Emoney. AlertPay has posted two updates on his official blog. The first one speaks of the working hours during holidays and says that Customer Support center will be closed on Friday April 6th, 2012, for the Easter holiday. And starting from Monday April 9th, 2012 the normal working schedule is going to be resumed. The second update from AlertPay is concerning the coming implementing of the new prepaid cards, in cooperation with MH Pillars, a UK-based firm specializing in prepaid card solutions. No exact tifeframe has been reported, though, all in all the update expects to be very positive for AP clients. Once HYIP Investors will have an option to make deposits and withdrawals using AlertPay prepaid cards, it will make this e-currency far more popular worldwide. The reason for merging with MH Pillars is described below, quoting the AlertPay latest blog update:

"...Working with the industry expertise of MH Pillars will help accelerate our target market penetration, along with increasing the service offerings for our current customer base..."

SolidTrustPay also announces that during Easter holidays, their offices will be closed during all 4 days (including Good Friday and Easter Monday). STP asks for patience from those expecting the transactions to be completed and add an extra 2 days to all deposit and withdrawal requests (except for credit / debit card deposits & purchases, which will continue to be processed 24/7 as usual). While the offices are closed the ticket system remains active, so if you have anything to ask, don't hesitate to do that. See the original news here: http://www.solidtrustnews.com/?p=2658

Closures. Key 4 Success Ltd (446 days), Top Inv (69 days), Richer-Rich (58 days), FX Vino (32 days), Global Hot Money (30 days), Gold-Earn (13 days), Max Gain (9 days), Diamond Roi (585 days), Esprofit (113 days), Trade 4 Ever (64 days), Richgold Business (11 days), Vina Income (11 days), Magnetic Wallet (40 days).

HYIP Blogs. Would you like to know what are the TOP 5 HYIP programs according the popular HYIP blog, Hyipinvestigation.com? Despite the fact the HYIP industry is moving up slowly, there are still signs of improvement within. As usually Hyipinvestigation gives the estimation marks to the Top Hyips in the range from 1 to 10, reminding that any program with the score less than 5 is not recommended for investing. The Top 5 of April gives the most optimal investment solutions for private investors. So, follow the link, read the full article and learn who the Top 5 are: http://hyipinvestigation.com/top-5-programs/top-5-hyip-programs-april-2012/

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