Updated: 04/09/2012 19:15
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Hyipbit has issued the weekly news update. The main purpose of the update is to cover the weekly and particularly this time monthly progress of the...

Hyipbit has issued the weekly news update. The main purpose of the update is to cover the weekly and particularly this time monthly progress of the project. As reported in the update within a month of working online Hyipbit has gained around 2700 deposit, taking into account the majority of funds are being reinvested my the majority of active investors. As for the statistical information and the percentage of money invested from various e-currencies, Liberty Reserve is winning the race with 66% of the entire deposits, bank transfer is on the second place with 20% accordingly, ending the list with Bitcoin and Perfect Money.

Frankly speaking it's very much likely that Hyipbit is dealing with promoting this new payment system Bitcoin in an extremely active way, including free coin distribution. Strange to be sincere for an ordinary HYIP, anyway, the site seems to be improving itself as well, which is extremely good to hear. Some improvements have already been announced, and first of all Hyipbit is planning to increase the referral bonus for active promoters to 10%, thus giving some more incentive to partnership activity, which is rather natural for the HYIP project. The bonus increase takes affect immediately after you have more than 10 active referrals.

One more update or better to say improvement concerns the partnership activity as well, i.e. applying the regional representative system. The ones selected will be given the bonus of up to 15% depending on your activity as the regional representative. There is also another update concerning the automatic reinvestment option. From now on investors have an option to upgrade the account automatically by adding a new deposit, and having all current spends combined into one and moved to the next level. Thus all interests for the new deposit will be increased 0.5% and investment will be renewed. These are the monthly updates from Hyipbit.

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