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Today we are presenting an interesting high yield investment program, called NoRiskStrategy. Finally we are facing a strong, serious "fast" HYIP, which is working online for 115 days. The information is not fake. The thing is that admin of the project seemd to accumulate powers and gathered all components into one, not rushing into popularizing the project right after the launch. This happens quite often among the HYIP admins and seems that in this case it makes sense, indeed. As the result of all the efforts on creating a HYIP, worth attention, NoRiskStrategy appeared and immediately drew attention of targeted audience. And that is why, for all potential investors, the review given below is a must to have a look at.

A Nice-Looking Template

The design of the site not exclusive. Very much looks like a template one, however this fact doesn't prevent us from finding ourselves comfortable when surfing the website of the project. The menu of the project, located to the left looks by default, as the one in all Gold Coders scripts. Getting back to scripts, they are too small and sometimes it may take more time and efforts to read all information you need on the page. The color scheme is pleasant, all in all the design of the NoRiskStrategy web-site is not an exclusive one, though speaking about the templates, it is definitely not the worst option. And obviously some handmade job has been done when developing the project for sure.

Investment Plans

The investment plans, presented by the project look very much typical for the "fast" project of the kind. The minimum deposit for joining NoRiskStrategy is $10 and maximum is $50000. The project offers 4 basic investment plans: 120% After 1 Day, 200% After 5 Days, 700% After 15 Days and 10000% After 50 Days. Naturally principal is included in the profit declared. There are actually several sub-plans, which give much wider diversity to investors, planning to join the project. And here we can see a very interesting thing actually. Minimal return from investment of $10-$500 is just 104%, with the principal included, which means members get 4% for one day. This interest is lower than offered in similar projects, which makes NoRiskStrategy potentially good investment choice. Speaking about the sub-plans, and their profitability, you may see the picture below for detailed analysis of the investment plans offered.

How to invest and withdaw profit?

The investment options are typical for the HYIP. NoRiskStrategy accepts the following e-currency systems: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. They are not dealing with more serious ones, like AlertPay or SolidTrustPay, and perhaps for a project like that it makes sense. The profit is paid based upon calendar days and all investment plans. Naturally for completing the deposit, one need to login to the member area and proceed with depositing funds from there. The same is concerning withdrawing funds. The profit withdrawal are processed manually within 1-12 hours after submitting the request. One may request the profit whenever there is any on the member's account.

How about the legend?

The legend itself is not original. Though it's worth saying, according to SEO stats, the content is 97% unique. The main idea of the program is telling about investing to Forex. However to tell the truth, if i were a professional Forex trader, i could hardly believe this legend. Anyway, being a short one and taking not more than 2 paragraphs it still gives vivid impression of the company, no matter if they are dealing with forex or not. The program is paying and so far rather regularly.

Need your support

The support is not presented widely on the site of NoRiskStrategy. There are only two means to contact the support. These are the contact form, which is located on the HELP page and phone support, the number to call is located on the main page, however it should be mentioned, we tried to reach the phone support several times, all in vain, every time, we got forwarded to autoresponder.

Technical information

The website NoRiskStrategy is hosted on a Licensed Gold Coders script, on a Ddos protected dedicated server by AntiDdos. The server location is in Ukraine Fop Litvinenko Sergey Nikolaevich. AntiDDoS is provided by website also has SSL encryption enabled, provided by Comodo CA Limited. The type of SSL certificate is Positive SSL, the cheapest one, provided by Comodo that only verifies the domain name, without extended validation of the company itself. The SSL encryption is valid till March 23, 2013. Speaking about the domain name, it expires on November 1, 2012.

Online Visibility

NoRiskStrategy program is actively presented online, the PR activity is well-diversified. The project is simultaneously being added to new listings and is purchasing banners on the majority niche forums, listing sites. The appearance of the project on forums is also worth being noticed. Starting recently, when NoRiskStrategy started active promotion campaign, the response on forums, blogs and monitoring services has increased significantly. The lifetime of the site starting from December 2011 and lack of statistic information are discussed in the most active way.

Talking about NoRiskStrategy, it needs to be mentioned that this program is definitely worth taking a closer look and is potentially a good source for depositing funds. In this case, the risk degree of a solid return is very much justified. This "fast" project with a nice-looking design, reasonable and diverse investment plans is gaining far more and more popularity among investors. And taking into account the start of active promotional campaign, we can say for sure, there's still a place to earn some profit with NoRiskStrategy. Whatever you choose, please remember, we are always ready to help with any questions that may arise concerning NoRiskStrategy. And as for our investment experience, it is definitely positive, at least for now.

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