Updated: 04/18/2012 19:23
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AlertPay has reported about illegitimate e-mail campaign directed to AlertPay members. The phishing e-mails have appeared after the new improvements at AlertPay have been implemented, basically concerning the credit card processing. And hence phishing e-mails are more likely aimed at stealing personal account information. Inside the phishing e-mails there's a link that redirects AlertPay members to false login pages, and as the result it leads to stealing the info mentioned, followed by stealing the money actually.

The e-mails look very genuine, and offer to follow a link with the purpose of changing the profile. Still, if you take a closer look at the e-mail origin and the link, you are asked to follow, the scam gets obvious. Finding out the real destination of the link is very easy - without clicking the link, one just should point the mouse to it and see where it really leads. The destination is suspicious, not to say dangerous.

AlertPay asks every member remain highly attentive and careful, when dealing with any sort of e-mails, as if from AlertPay, with the offers to follow this or that link. As the reminder, AlertPay gives some examples of of the false information supplied by these emails:

Subject lines
Please be wary of any emails with subject lines such as the following:

AlertPay: Confirm your Email Address
Activation Your Alertpay Information
Account Has Been Limited!

And there's also a Sample e-mail of the one, NOT originated from AlertPay:

Dear Alertpay User
You Must Confirm Your Information!
Please click on the following link to Confirm It:
Click here to Confirm Your Account Information.
You Must Confirm Your Information To Save It.
Thanks You For Helping,
The AlertPay Team

In case you receive any sort of e-mail like that or feel like redirected to illegitimate phishing website, you are recommended to visit AlertPay Scam Prevention or send the email to Beware, dear friends!

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