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Dear readers! On Tuesday we are glad to release another HYIP Informational Survey. This regular releases have become among the major likes for the readers of HYIPNews.com. We are happy to provide you with the hottest information regarding the top programs along with the new programs on the market. As usually the events from the rest of HYIP market are also available along with the reports on recent closures and problem programs. Once there are any update on a HYIP blog, you will get to know about it. We are starting with the Top Choice section:

Top Choice. Here are the TOP 5 programs of our listing. They are various, their lifetime differs, though due to these or those reasons they are on Top and hence worth being mentioned in the HYIP informational survey.

1. ExpertPortfolio
Listed: 260 days
Profit: 1.5-2.0% daily for 12 weeks!
Term: up to 84 calendar day(s)

2. Royalty7
Listed: 145 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

3. Dividend King
Listed: 12 days
Profit: 120-170% after 1-3 days 240-670% after 6-15 days 1680-12000% after 30-60
Term: up to 60 calendar day(s)

4. Globo Treasure
Listed: 168 days
Profit: 1.4-2.8% daily!
Term: up to 150 - 210 day(s)

5. Felmina
Listed: 288 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 business day(s)

So as you may see, there is only one change in the Top Choice section. The #1 is still ExpertPortfolio, and one program has been replaced. In today's informational survey the Top Choice section ends on Felmina. Congratulations to the admin of this long-term investment project! Good luck to all investors! Have a good week!

Openings. The openings section this Tuesday looks as follows:

Cong Traders 103%-110% after 1 days 112%-124% after 3 days 125%-135% after 5 days 160%-170% after 10 days!

Reliable-Invest 1.5-1.9% daily up to 180 calendar days!

JustBeenPaid 2% daily up to 81 calendar days!

IFG Trading 0.7%-1.3% daily for 150 trading days!

Money Dividend Invo Fx Group ExtraIncomeFund FacePayouts LongTermProfits Gold-Earner Carinvestfund WellReturn RelaxCommerce RealMoneyInvest Global Money Invest BviClub Profit Earth Surplus Reserve Ltd Nee Investment DividendGain Power Finance Inc. Bayview Partnership Investments LTD 15 Days Investment Dmc-us group Supremacy5 Profit Earth Golden Pro Funds Finance Mondiale Fast Cash Return 3or3 MCFXTrading KKRoyal Golden-Profit Combattrading Success-Investing.

Lots of programs this time. This weekend was rich in in openings. As always, mostly there are programs, which look not reputable enough, template-like created, fast scams possibly (just a theory). And still we have some winners, the openings, which seemed good enough to us to be mentioned separately with the details about their investment opportunity. And today we have 4 winners, they are given above the list. 3 of them joined HYIPNews.com when started! Remember, every time you take your investment decision, you can get in touch with us, if you need any help or assistance, regarding any choice that you may find suspicious or disputable. We'll be glad to to assist. Good luck with your investment business!


Inter-Profits - not paying
Loyal Fund
- not paying
Successful Dollars
- not paying
Premium Returns
- not paying
Sibor Mutual Fund
- not paying
- not paying
- not paying
Top Money Share
- not paying
ZM Private Fund
- not paying
Invest In Forex
- not paying
Biggest Invest
- not paying
Stars Traders
- not paying
Gota Fund
- not paying
Allied Concord
- not paying

There are not that many programs in the Problem list today. It's not that numerous as it is most of the time. Still there are some programs, which are not paying to their members. There are more or less long-term programs and comparatively new programs, which have just appeared online and now got the Problem status. We are sorry and wish investors to these problematic HYIPs to have their chosen programs running well and paying regularly. We'll update you more in the next release of the informational survey.

Events. AmbrianInvestment seems to get rid of SolidTrustPay, offering extremely generous rates for exchanging your LibertyReserve to our SolidTrustPay (+15 percent) to Liberty Reserve. It should be mentioned that such exchanges are prohibited by the STP terms and your account may become frozen along with the funds within. So, it's better not to fall into any kind of offer like that, no matter how generous and sweet it may seem. One more update from AmbrianInvestment is addition of WebMoney.

InternationalForexLLC announces the 8% deposit bonus on all new deposits. When the project was just launched, they offered 5% bonus, not it's 8%, who knows perhaps it will offer 10% or more later on. Hardly... i would think it's more like another attempt to attract more new deposits. The project InternationalForexLLC is not that popular and is definitely in need of new money inflows. the minimum limit for new deposits is $100. And the maximum bonus that can be paid to one account is $1000. On May 21 the bonus campaign matures.

PrimeXCash adds Perfect Money. As reported, adding this new e-currency has become possible due to increased popularity of this e-currency among the investors online and is also connected with the recent hacking scandals with Liberty Reserve. And so, PrimeXCash has added Perfect Money several days ago.

Good News. Congratulations to United Accurate FX members! You may sleep well, at least for now, cause the problems with this HYIP seem to be temporal. Now it is working and paying profits. As for the rest, they have either remained in Problems section or moved to blacklists. Sorry for that.the only program from the shortlist we had on Tuesday in the Problem section that managed to recover its Paying status and renew the interest payments to its investors. As for the rest they either remain problem or accordingly have been moved to the Closures section.

Emoney. More updates from AlertPay is on its way. The most important update refers to the changes in exchange terms that may come into effect starting from May 13, 2012. Several exchangers, AlertExchaner and EraChange have already notified its clients about it in the official blogs and newslines. Till May 13 no changes will be applied, what happens then, it's yet to be seen.
While official exchangers update their clients on forthcoming terms, AlertPay has posted the update on the official blog that refers to customer support response times which is now longer than usual. The reason to that is increasing volume of email and phone customer support requests, obviously due to reasons given above. AlertPay apologizes for the increased hold time and asks everyone to stay patient and wait for the reply without resubmitting requests again and again.

Closures. Network Fund (750 days), Wales Finance (126 days), Boil Solution (8 days), FX Finance Group (6 days), Pwg Shares (7 days), Sta Funds (6 days), 12dailypay (41 days).

HYIP Blogs. Will Royalty7 Scam soon? This question regarding currently one of the best HYIP opportunities online is of a great interest for a large number of investors. So, why is Royalty7 not going down? What is the secret for such a sudden popularity growth? The project is really ranked as one of Top 3 in the majority of listing sites. Seems that Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP Blog is of the same opinion and hence he decides to open the poll, offering his readers to answer the question if it's risky to join Royalty7 within the next month or not? So, what are the the pros and cons when it comes to consider a new investment with Royalty7? See the new post and the comments from respected members, join the poll and the voting results following the link: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/04/22/will-royalty7-scam-soon/

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