Updated: 04/30/2012 11:05
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Update: After adding the fast withdrawals feature the members database has been growing at an amazing rate: 150200 new members registrations daily....

Update: After adding the fast withdrawals feature the members database has been growing at an amazing rate: 150-200 new members registrations daily. Another advantage of adding the fast withdrawal feature is that admin has now more time to manage other activities of Dividend King, including the site promotion.

Dividend King issues another newsletter, giving big thanks to all current investors. According to the report the investors support of this project has made it much stronger just after being 16 days online. Dividend King appreciates members attention and as a reward for that notifies on leading the open policy towards the customers. The members and investors of Dividend King, as well all those interested in joining the project are able to get any information that may be useful for taking the decision. Any indicator that is worth attention of a potential investor is provided, included but not limited to the number of participants in the project, the total amount of all deposits, payments statistics, top referrers, etc.

The updates are not over yet. In the nearest future, we all should expect more updates and improvements of the site. The new features claim to make the process of operating the site of Dividend King more convenient and, which is highly important for high yield investment business, more profitable. We don't know what improvements exactly the newsletter reports of, though we do hope it will really be something worth attention.

Let us remind you the Dividend King project has been listed at HYIPNews.com for 18 days. The project can be characterized a a typical "fast" with paid at expiry plans. Currently is is not taking Top positions in our listing, however the status remains positive all the time and as well their newsline is also updated regularly. We appreciate such approach to running a business. Positive feedback from admins is what investors really need.

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