Updated: 05/01/2012 11:45
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The members of Eurex Trade have recently received the email with the title: "EUREXTRADE – YOU WON $1000 LR cash" . The email is offering the...

The members of Eurex Trade have recently received the e-mail with the title: "EUREXTRADE – YOU WON $1000 LR cash". The e-mail is offering the customer to follow some link in order to "unlock" the prize, you earned previously, as if your account had been selected as the one of 10 top winners. Obviously, if anyone follows the link offered, one would ultimately have own LR account hacked and LR wallet emptied. This is the way many hackers act, in search of people, who do not care about their own financial security. The hackers tricks are getting far more and more sophisticated and at first sight the e-mail may seem very much genuine. However there is always one thing to remember: Eurex Trade and Liberty Reserve NEVER send out the e-mails that contain any links to follow to unlock anything.

Fortunately, Christoper, the admin of Eurex Trade, has reacted this phishing e-mail promptly enough, posting the official update and warning to investors against any phishing e-mails. The warning mostly includes general information about phishing e-mails, and company policy against sending e-mails. Still it gives clear understanding that Eurex Trade doesn't send any spam advertising offers to its clients. The preferable way of communicating between the website support and the customers is the ticket system.

As for the hacking attempt, Eurex Trade is a perfect target for hackers. In listing this HYIP is currently taking place #11. As for the lifetime , it's amazing - 423 days monitored, which makes Eurex Trade one of the most long-term programs online. The project pays its members up to 2.9% daily for as long as you are in. Another thing, which attracts investors attention is the instant payments to Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

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