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As it has become known recently, AlertPay , a widely used ecurrency payment system is changing its name. Starting from next Monday it will be renamed...

As it has become known recently, AlertPay, a widely used e-currency payment system is changing its name. Starting from next Monday it will be renamed and called Payza. The official update on the AlertPay blog says the rebranding will affect the service in a positive way only. The rebranding has been the result of bringing AlertPay to the new level of online business processing, thanks to the recent merger with UK-based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions. Here is the shortlist of the services that are about to be offered to Payza clients after the rebranding is complete:

  • New service offerings
  • New logo
  • Smartphone- & mobile phone-friendly access
  • More countries and additional currencies
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website
  • More e-wallet loading and withdrawing options

And more!

As i have already mentioned the automatic transfer of AlertPay to Payza platform will be held on May 14. Currently the domain name is showing the pre-launch page. Definitely all clients are awaiting for this date. Everyone expects this change will bring nothing but good news for the industry. One more thing should be mentioned in this regard. All information of current AlertPay customers will remain unchanged. The accounts balance, personal and business information, login and passwords remain active. This is important, if you ever receive any kind of e-mail, which is definitely going ot happen, asking for some sort of verifying your new Payza account, please be sure it's a fake and you are about to be hacked if you follow any links click any hidden buttons.

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