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Dear readers! It's Friday and it's time for the HYIP Informational Survey release. New updates from the world of HYIP. You will get to know about the changes in the programs statuses on HYIP listings. We will also let you know about the lately closed programs and updates on famous HYIP blogs. All this and much more is provided to you by the HYIPNews.com team in the regular HYIP Informational Survey. The first section of our informational survey is as usually Top Choice.

Top Choice. We are giving you the TOP 5 of HYIPNews listing as of today. Please, take into account, you should make your own due diligence before investing to any of HYIP programs no matter what the rating of a program is.

1. ExpertPortfolio
Listed: 277 days
Profit: 1.5-2.0% daily for 12 weeks!
Term: up to 84 calendar day(s)

2. Royalty7
Listed: 162 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

3. NanoEarn
Listed: 85 days
Profit: 120-220% after 1-5 days 380-740% after 10-20 days!
Term: up to 5-10 calendar day(s)

4. Super B Profit
Listed: 19 days
Profit: 1.92-24% daily!
Term: up to 200 calendar day(s)

5. Global Profit United

Listed: 8 days
Profit: 110-150% after 1-3 days 170-210% after 4-6 days!
Term: up to 6 calendar day(s)

There are some changes in the Top Choice section. One program has been removed and one has been promoted. I am talking about Global Profit United. The 2 leaders remain the same. These are ExpertPortfolio and Royalty7.

Openings. Here below you may find the list of new programs that appeared online within last 3 days. The one right below has been added to HYIPNews.com listing hence it is given separately.

InvestForWorld 119-180% after 1-3 days 290-999% after 5-10 days!

ECCPub TripleProject Speedy-Profit Your Sum Oil-Invest HourlyAvail DollarsWorld Almighty-Payment USD raise R7Star NetMoneys GPIncome Big Spend UK Forex Online Finance Gold Shares ChillShares Glorious Investment VicMoney SeniorGold SafeDepositVault LoyaltyEarn Goldencrux EcurrencyInvest Best Deposit 7x7Pro Premium Zone GeMoneyInvest Fair Liberty UnionForexProfit RichPaying ProShare Wow-Cash SolidPaid PacoChance OSProfit Hedge Capital GoldTraderFund GlobalDeepInvest Fx7Pro FxProfit BusinessSucceded.

Today the number of programs appeared online is smaller than on Tuesday. And there's only one program with the detailed presentation in the Openings section. Seems to be not quite an active week for professional looking HYIPs. Anyway, among the rest ones, you may find some good short term income sources. Though always remember one thing, a program that appeared a day ago may easily fall down the following day. It is still more like a gambling when dealing with high risk ultra high profitable HYIPs.


Expert Profits - not paying
Vasco Forex - not paying
Advance Yield Zone - not paying
United Accurate FX - not paying
Mag Fund - not paying
Hour - not paying
Retrium Inv - not paying

There are not so many additions to the Problems section this time. The list is not as large as it is always. Though, it should be noticed that unfortunately, we've never missed this section in any of the previous releases of the HYIP Informational Survey. All the programs mentioned above are dangerous to invest. The risk of being scammed is enormous. So, if you set your mind on investing to any of those programs, at least wait till the status is changed to Paying. In case this change actually happens, we'll surely let the readers know about that in the next release of the informational survey in the Good News section, next Tuesday.

Events. NewGNi issues the newsletter on coming the Mother's Day celebrated in the US this Sunday. The newsletter is written in a positive mood, cause apart from the holiday there is a great news for all investors who joined NewGNi far back in December 2011. They are in profit now. Still there are also some complaints received from the members. Nearly all of them refer to troubles delivering one-time login PINs. the recommendation from Jurgen, the admin of NewGNi is to check whether you are able to receive login PIN or not. If not you are prompted to open the free Gmail account and let the support know about the change for it to make effect. Once changed the problem with login PIN delivery should be gone. The final reminder is about the Sweepstakes contest. As indicated in the latest newsletter, the year 2012 has been announced as the year of Giveaway. This means every single month investors are offered to win the prizes. So in May NewGNi is giving away three $50 iTunes Gift Cards.

Royalty7 is 6 months online. Since the very start of the program on 11/11/11, which is a symbolic date, Royalty7 has been accepting four major payment processors AlertPay, SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. This factor could definitely help them to achieve such high results. The program has managed to get on Top on nearly all listing sites, including HYIPNews.com. All thanks to high professionalism of the admin and timely payouts for so long, which is not peculiar to a HYIP offering short-term investment plans like Royalty7 does. Noone can tell how long it will last, though one thing is for sure the professional level of Royalty7 is high enough and we all look forward to celebrating 1 year anniversary with Royalty7.

ENR-G is back under DDoS. The attacks have become regular for this HYIP. Quite obvious, competitors treat ENR-G as a serious rival. Very much obvious it looks like true, cause today due to DDoS login was not working properly. As for the payouts they were not affected, which is amazing, i should say. The ENR-G project can be easily considered as one of the industry leaders nowadays.

Eurex Trade moves to another domain. eurextrade.com is no longer available for public. eccpub.com should be used form now on. The e-mail support@eurextrade.com will no longer available too. Use support@eccpub.com for future conversations with Eurex Trade.

GoldenCrux is a new program, which seems to leave a good impression since the very start. The first newsletter has already been published. This more looks like a welcome newsletter, reminding investors of the niche, the project claims to work with. Some advertising plans are revealed as well, among which there are plans to purchase banner advertising on major HYIP forums such as Talkgold and MMG. Good luck, GoldenCrux.

ROICredit sends the news update concerning the issues with Reset PIN. Anyone, who is not able to Reset PIN after adding AlertPay are offered to contact the Support to have the Master file updated.

Good News. This Friday we have some good news. And i should tell it is actually very good, cause from the large list of Problem programs we had last time, 5(!) programs, seem to get back to regular payouts. Empire Finance Group, Forex Avail, Fx Inco, Successful Dollars and True Expert have managed to restore positive status on the monitoring sites. Congratulations to all HYIP investors, members of the programs, which are now back and paying.

Emoney. SolidTrustPay has posted the update on the official blog on May 9 saying that STP has been experiencing certain issues with connection. The result can be the time-out of the website while accessing members accounts. The technicians have been working hard to fix the trouble and hence STP authorities is asking for patience, while the connectivity issue is resolved.

Closures. Hantec Markets Ltd (30 days), Invest Mania (22 days), Learn Invest Fund (25 days), Holy Grail Trading (11 days), Finest-Earners (16 days), Mic Invest (9 days), Federal Forex (10 days), AvaWorld Capital (6 days), Premium Returns (94 days), Mutant Profit (45 days), Lempin (15 days), Elite-Profit (15 days), Bgold (10 days), 11 Daily Pay (8 days), Top Level Profit (7 days), Imf Investment (23 days).

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