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Initially it is a common truth, HYIP monitor appeared right along with HYIPs. And initially HYIP monitor is an advertising platform for best hyips online, as well as some sort of informational monitoring resource. All around the web the discussions concerning HYIP monitors rise. "What is HYIP Monitor?", "Why do we need HYIP monitors?", "Can we trust HYIP Monitors?" "What is the best HYIP monitor?" etc. More likely these are the questions discussed. And more often the discussions are initiated by not experienced HYIP investors, who know pretty little about this niche at all. Let us try to dwell upon the main question that is risen among the HYIP investors: what is HYIP monitor?

So, HYIP monitor is a analytical monitoring website, which tracks on the status of a HYIP fund or a program. More likely tracking itself comes down to four main statuses:

  • Paying
  • Waiting
  • Problem (site offline, some missing payments).
  • Not paying (hyip scams).

Traditionally a HYIP monitor shows basic indicators of a HYIP program. These are as follows:

  1. Investment plans (daily%).
  2. Minimal and maximum deposit amount.
  3. Referral bonus.
  4. Payment type (instant, automatic or manual).
  5. Payment systems (the ones accepted by a HYIP program).
  6. HYIP launch date.

There are also some advanced HYIP Monitors showing more information, such as the HYIP program peculiarities, may it be SSL encryption, DDoS protection or a licensed script etc. Some hyip monitors include links to forums, where the particular HYIP is being discussed in the program card.

And the last but not the least, nearly every HYIP monitor has the so-called user rating system. Users have an opportunity to rate and leave a short comment on any HYIP project, listed on a HYIP monitor.

How one should start a hyip monitor? As a rule the funds for listing a hyip program should be paid by the admin of the program itself. The amounts vary depending on a listing place within the hyip monitor. It can be either Premium Normal or Trial listing. There is also Advertising page on every hyip monitor site. Visiting this page one find out the prices for the advertising services, provided by the hyip monitor admin. It can be the price for Premium and other listings or the prices for banner location and other promo services. When making an order, the hyip admin transfers the certain amount of money to the account of a hyip monitor, the hyip monitor admin in its turn makes a deposit back to hyip for monitoring purpose. This is the way top hyip monitors work. If it's a young and not popular hyip monitor, it can hardly expect rising popularity among the hyip admins.

Well... are hyip monitors needed? Definitely! HYIP monitor is an essential part of the hyip industry. And basically it's extremely hard to imagine hyip investing without hyip monitors.

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