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Silver Structure has issued a very detailed and comprehensive newsletter concerning the results achieved by the company since the very start of this...

Silver Structure has issued a very detailed and comprehensive newsletter concerning the results achieved by the company since the very start of this project. And first of all, it should be mentioned, the results achieved by the company within 3 months time are better than expected by the management. According to the goal bar, which is located in the member area, it can be seen, every goal has been reached. For now there are more than 8500 active members and total trading amount exceeds $550,000. The first investors, are already in profit and far more and more investors who joined Silver Structureat the very beginning are coming closer to running a totally loss-safe opportunity. The new goals have been set and are fully expected to be reached within the time-frame set.

The giant leap for the development of Silver Structure investment program has been the integration of SolidTrustPay payment system as the way of depositing funds. Due to the possibility to complete deposits using STP bankwire system, the number of deposits via bankwire increased significantly and hence has given a rise of popularity of Silver Structure among the online investors.

Silver Structure is paying much attention to promoting the website. As the result it is now taking Top or close positions on the majority of listings and HYIP blogs. Besides it gives useful promotional tools, such as video, which has been made as a presentation, and which still can be used when promoting this program. Another tool, which is about to appear and is supposed to be very useful for active referrers is creating the splash page with the video inside and linked with referral ID of your own. A perfect tool for active promoters, i should say!

One more thing, worth attention of potential money earners is the representative program, offered by Silver Structure. Currently there are more than 250 representatives and the number of requests to become one is still growing, as reported. Consequently, taking into account the increasing of applications for the post of representative of Silver Structure, the approach to every single taken representative is serious enough. Due to the large number of applications some of them are put on hold, meanwhile the performance of current ones is being checked on a regular basis and those who are not performing well enough are downgraded to ordinary customers, being replaced with those on hold.

Another point about the newsletter is using the website of Silver Structure using IE. Those who fail to access it using Internet Explorer are highly recommended to change the browser to Firefox or Chrome. And also, there is a warning against multiple wrong login attempts, which may lead to blocking your IP, due to high security settings provided.

All in all, the project is performing well enough and the management is thankful for supporting the project on the pages of Facebook and for supporting on blogs, forums and other services related.

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