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Let's check one interesting and profitable investment program. We are talking about General Affinity. Here below, we will explain why do we call this HYIP program interesting and profitable. These terms are really strong, so we will give you not only the description of this project but also some powerful facts about its activity. This program has started its online activity on Apr 30, 2012 and is being monitored on our site for 27 days. As we can see, administration of this project knows where to publish its advertising, cause HYIPNews is positioning itself as one of the best HYIP monitoring sites. Many programs are trying to buy our advertising place for banners, reviews etc. but HYIPNews team is adding only trusted programs and watching them carefully to give you the hottest information about it. That is why General Affinity program has decided to cooperate with us from the very beginning!


Great Template


The design is really worth of being called "great". It is nice-looking and all information is presented in good form. All the site options are visible and not hard to find. This speaks about assiduity of the administration. Average Load Time is really fast, so you could navigate it without loosing your precious time! The information on General Affinity site is squeezed and only useful tips are there for you to learn. All we want to say is that there is no useless information. Also, while checking the design of this website, it is not hard to notice that General Affinity has done great job with colors compatibility and social networks options. We can even say that the design of this HYIP program's website is close to handmade job!


Investment plans


The thing which needs to be said first is that all investment plans of General Affinity are carefully prepared. The minimum deposit to start earning money with General Affinity is $10 and maximum is $20000. There are four basic investment plans for you to chose: 105% after 3 days, 3.5% daily fo 14 calendar days, 5% daily for 21 calendar days and 7% daily for 30 calendar days. It should be mentioned that principal is included in the first plan and is available for you to take back in the end of other three investment plans.


There is also affiliate program - all you have to do is to become a General Affinity investor (only minimum deposit is required to start). After each deposit of your referral you'll receive commission. Referral commission is 5% for all active investors who made a deposit. Please remember that you can not create several accounts under your name or your family member using referral link. You have to be of legal age in order to invest with GA. In United Kingdom it's 18 y.o. or older.


How to invest and withdraw profit?


The withdraw process is quite usual in the HYIP industry. After you have invested your money in the plan or plans you like, General Affinity will make your money work for you. All you have to do is regularly come online and withdraw your profits. GA is using only popular and trusted e-currency systems, such as: Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money. It is quite logic cause almost 99.9% of HYIP investors are using these paying systems. The time to process a payment varies but doesn't take more than 24 hours. As we can see, this project has not only made a comfortable withdraw and invest procedure but also quite fast!


How about the legend?


As it is said on the official webpage of General Affinity "...The idea behind creating General Affinty was to establish an Internet marketing company, which could connect investors with businesses and entrepreneurs who require funding. .." General Affinity cooperates with large companies, as well as with smaller, younger entrepreneurs interested in resources and capital for growth and development. This company is establishing solid business relationships with financial institutions of various scale and profile they are able to offer a wide variety of options toit's investors. Every such relationship results in a strong business bond enhanced by a high level of revenue. Each member of General Affinity team is a professional dedicated to make your investment successful. As we can see the legend is quite dim. Anyway, program is working and what is even more important it is paying without any delays!




The support system is really working. There are many ways of contacting the General Affinity team. For example Live Chat support is really working 12/7. So you can chat with the support team anytime you like or need. Also, there is a support form where you can send a letter, in case you don't have time to chat or the chat is offline!


Technical information


The official webpage of General Affinity is hosted on dedicated server. Server Type: LiteSpeed. What is even more important is that this HYIP program is well protected. It has DDoS protection and SSL sertification, secured by Comodo CA Limited. The certificate will expire in 259 days.


Online Visibility


General Affinity is actively presented online. There are are many popular forums and monitors which are discussing this program. In any case HYIPNews was one of the first sites who has opened this HYIP project to the world. There are also some banners of this program around the Internet. All these facts are saying about the strong expectancies.


Without any doubts, General Affinity is worth of being tested by you, personally. HYIPNews team is ready to give you answers about this project, in case you have any. In any case, this HYP project is worth depositing funds. The administration has done rather good job to become visible online - so it will pay! There's a risk - naturally! But it is a usual thing in the world of High Yield Investment Programs' industry! Please do not forget - HYIPNews is giving only tested information and will post only trusted program's reviews.

By Harold Moore,

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