Updated: 05/31/2012 17:10
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Another scam email is being sent to the customers of JustBeenPaid . The email mailed out to the customers looks very much typical to those send...

Another scam e-mail is being sent to the customers of JustBeenPaid. The e-mail mailed out to the customers looks very much typical to those send previously with one purpose of gaining access to clients Liberty Reserve account. This time we got a warning on the forum of HYIPNews.com where the customer complains about following the instructions within the e-mail and unfortunately was followed by the loss of $.50.


The e-mail on behalf of JustBeenPaid has been sent from the e-mail help@justbeenpaid.com and signed by the JustBeenPaid Finance Department. Naturally, we'll investigate this issue and try to find out whether this e-mail has been approved by the admin of JustBeenPaid or not. So far, let us remind you one more time. You are highly not recommended to follow any links in any suspicious e-mails. This is the complete text of the e-mail used by scammers this time:



Just Been Paid gives random cash prizes.
Today, we selected your account as the one of 10 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us.
YOU WON $150 LR !
Claim your prize following the direct link:http://libertyreserve.com/?JustBeenPaid=prize
Pay a 0.50$ fees, so we will know that your LR account is still alive.
After the payment you will recive instantly the 150 usd in your LR account.

Best Regards,

JustBeenPaid Finance Department"

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