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NewGni is not listed at, for the reason it is exclusively monitored on other competitive resource. Still, being a highly professional

NewGni is not listed at, for the reason it is exclusively monitored on other competitive resource. Still, being a highly professional news portal we are glad to publish the news about the programs not listed with us anyway. So, concerning NewGni, it should be mentioned, the latest newsletter covered all possible aspects and outlined all possible events that happened to NewGni last days of Spring.

The latest newsletter sent by Jurgen at the end of the previous week is extremely interesting for the US investors of this HYIP, using SolidTrustPay e-currency as a deposit means. The thing is that STP is currently in process of getting a license for operating in various US jurisdictions. Due to that measure, which is required due to legislation regulations as a way to fight fraud and money laundering, there might have been some delays with the payouts via STP. As a temporal measure for those willing to make deposits to NewGni, exchanging STP to Liberty Reserve or Perfect Money is offered. In order to make withdrawals, one is recommended to reinvest at least for now, and in case this situation doesn't change in the nearest days, withdrawal will be possible either to LR or PM instead of STP. One more time, let me remind you that this measures are only valid for US investors, cause STP issue involves them particularly.

Another piece of news from NewGni is the termination of May 2012 Sweepstakes contest. Winners have been announced. Deborah Lincicum, Dina Lindquist and Shelly Herzhaft were awarded with $50 iTunes Gift Cards. More contests are coming in the nearest future, cause the year 2012 has been announced as the Giveaway year. This month all winners are female, perhaps next time men will be more fortunate.

The last piece of news in the latest newsletter from NewGni is concerning the forthcoming big sport event of the year, UEFA Euro 2012 Championship. On this occasion NewGni is happy to announce the next Giveaway contest. the contest is going to last within the entire month of June. It will be a friendly betting contest, where everyone will be able to test the prediction skills. The main prize is $300, really generous, indeed. The complete rules of the betting contest can be found on the specially created webpage: "Score with NewGNI". Good luck with your betting attempts!

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