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Fairnat is a new HYIP listed at HYIPNews.com for 12 days. Today the admin has issued newsletter informing the members of recent news about the program...

Fairnat is a new HYIP listed at HYIPNews.com for 12 days. Today the admin has issued newsletter informing the members of recent news about the program. The main news is related to improving the member base by pushing affiliate earnings after a small brainstorm with three best affiliates of Fairnat. Upon the results of the brainstorm the decision has been taken to increase affiliate earnings from 8% to 12% for every new deposit. The new terms are valid starting from July 1st and all the commission for the deposits made till now starting from June 1st have been manually recalculated and extra bonuses have been paid. As of now new affiliate commission terms are applied automatically.

The admin of Fairnat claims to be inexperienced in HYIP business, still being experts in online investment since 2007. The thing that is supposed to differentiate Fairnat from the majority of other HYIPs is that because managers of this HYIP were previously involved into online investment business other than HYIPs the program is now getting more deposits from the people they used to work with before. As for the brainstorming, 3 of 4 top affiliates of Fairnat are out of HYIP niche, which is actually not typical for HYIP opportunities.

Being listed on several monitors, including HYIPNews.com, Fairnat is not willing to get massively advertised on each and every hyip monitor site. It makes sense actually, there's no need to pay to some non-professional sites just for putting the label saying, Fairnat is paying. The admin is thinking of spending more finances to advertising and promoting Fairnat to the HYIP community, and there's even a chance of separating the program from monitoring sites if there's no revenue. These are the plans.

As for the previous results, let me remind you of some of them: video showing the benefits of investing to Angola has been created, some new animated banners have been designed, the comprehensive list of deposits has been created, compounding change option has been enabled, early withdrawal feature has been added and finally increased AntiDDos protection has been integrated. That is all for now! More news from Fairnat are coming later!

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