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Summer season along with lots of pleasant things brings lots of risks connected with changing the industry functioning. Middleterm projects that...

Summer season along with lots of pleasant things brings lots of risks connected with changing the industry functioning. Middleterm projects that seemed to be rather promising go offline, admins of HYIPs are saving money for the vacations, investors happen to lose money more and more often. This is the way summer affects the HYIP industry as a whole. As the result some experienced investors, knowing of the risks involved during the summer period stop their activity till September, and some, vice versa are trying to earn as much as possible from this highly volatile, though very risky 3 months.

When the industry slows down, when investors are getting ready for the vacations, HYIP admins change their strategies as well. Normally middleterm HYIPs are closed down and instead admins are launching dozens of "fast" HYIPs, supposed to work for a week or so each. Actually, earning with "fasts" does not differ greatly from earning with normal HYIPs. There are only two features that differentiate "fast" from a normal HYIP: Enormous risk degree and enormous profits. Mostly, experienced investors try not to deal with the "fasts", however when summer comes, those who don't want to stay aside and wait for three months without earning are forced to be involved in "fast" earning, and naturally it leads to changing the strategies and tactics applied.

The main idea of "fast" gambling is to keep your money and if possible to multiply it. The diversification rule is crucial here. Just like the main rule of all HYIPs: "Never put all eggs into one basket" and the second rule: "Don't invest more than you can afford yourself to lose". So let's keep these two rules in mind and assume you have some money for spending to HYIPs, "fasts" in our case. You are recommended to split the amount into 10 or even more various HYIPs. It will give you the chance to make profit even if any of the "fasts" closes down. 2 tactics can be singled out when gambling on "fasts". Aggressive and passive one.

Passive tactics assumes depositing to project for 1 cycle to the shortest term (hourly is the best), and after you take the money, skip this "fast" and search for new. Assuming there are about 8 fasts that can be trusted per month on average, monthly profit using the passive tactics can be from 8% to 13% on average. Aggressive tactics is more profitable, however it involves more risk. The main principle of this tactics is keep on depositing to a "fast" until the first signs of scam appear. The monthly profit from depositing to 8 "fasts" can make from 19% to 40%(!) monthly.

All calculations and profits declared do not include the possible risks, which still exist, even despite the fact we decreased them to the minimum. Speaking about e-currency, used for making deposits, Payza is the most preferable option. Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are ok, though payouts to Payza are more often stopped a bit later than to other e-currencies. Due to that you have more chances to take your funds out of a hyip using Payza account. Another requirement for both tactics is depositing funds for the cycle of 1 day or even less. If you stay longer, the risk of being scammed growth exponentially. Stay alert and stick to working tactics!

By Peter J. Allen,

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