Updated: 06/20/2012 16:54
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SolidBank issues its first newsletter sending it out to the membership community. Within the newsletter SolidBank is grateful for trusting the program...

SolidBank issues its first newsletter sending it out to the membership community. Within the newsletter SolidBankis grateful for trusting the program and claims to make all possible to grow the business and develop the quality of services provided. The main purpose of sending the newsletter is reaching a certain milestone.

As reported on June 18, 2012, SolidBank celebrates the two weeks online anniversary. Since the very launch of the program the program has reached much of success and is constantly trying hard to provide as better services as possible to the customers and give best returns possible accordingly. One of the most important milestones of SolidBank is reaching the mark of 7000 investors online and thus managing nearly $500K. This stats seem highly optimistic, it's hardly possible for a program being online for 2 weeks to collect such a large amount under its management. Anyway, they claim to have it, and we have nothing but to announce that. It's for investors to decide, wehter this info can be trusted or not. I personally don't think it's the truth. HYIP admins always exaggerate their results, and this not an expection.

SolidBank is also trying to satify the needs of any potential investor. Understanding the main principles of operating the website is a crucial factor, when making investments. For these purposes, especially for the new investors, SolidBank has created the usefl tutorial, where one may learn hopw to register the e-currency account, how to proceed with investing to SolidBank. It also includes tips on how to withdraw your profits. 

One more update that shows loyal attitude of SolidBank towards its customers is implementing of a chat feature on the main page of the member's profile. This feature allows customers to communicate with the admin directly or talk to other members of SolidBank online, sharing one's experience from SolidBank cooperation.

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