Updated: 06/25/2012 19:10
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Unfortunately we are still getting many complaints that the site of ENRG is not accessible from from different parts of the world. And, which is more...

Unfortunately we are still getting many complaints that the site of ENR-G is not accessible from from different parts of the world. And, which is more disappointing, the number of people, experiencing troubles with access should have been decreased and instead it is only growing. The only solution to access the site now and withdraw your profit is to access the site of ENR-G via proxy, still far more and more proxy servers are not able to access the site of ENR-G either. The problem is getting far more and more serious, unfortunately. And it definitely affects the program performance. The program is loosing trust of its members gradually. Moreover, those unable to withdraw, can't make reinvestments as well, which is not good for the program itself.

The admin tells there's a solution, however it is still pending. The ENR-G hosting provider BlackLotus will shortly move the site to a new more secured server, although it cost pretty much for the admin of ENR-G. Anyway they have nothing else to do but to pay for that. If ENR-G intends to run for a long-term (which actually seems so), this would be a wise decision to move to a more secured server now and minimize the downtime. Before the access issue because of DDoS attacks, the program was paying properly and always on time. It would be sad if they would have to leave now. Let's hope it won't happen though. Let's wish all investors and the ENR-G admin good luck. I am sure, once ENR-G recovers from the troubles they are having now, they have all chances to become an industry leader in the nearest future.

And just some hours ago the newest update from ENR-G admin has arrived, saying that all access issues have been resolved successfully.
"According to host tracker the site is accessible to everyone in all areas of the world. God willing this wont happen again and things will be smooth sailing from here on."

Moreover another piece of good news says that, 20K members marks has been reached: "In addition we are also happy to announce that we have crossed the 20,000 member mark and continue to grow daily."

As a reward for loyalty, referral commissions will be raised through the end of the month: "As a thank you to our loyal members we will be raising our referral commissions from 5% to 7% through the end of the month. We all hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation."

So these are all the good news for now from ENR-G. congratulations to all members! Good luck to everyone!

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