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The main topic of the newsletter from HYEarn is the support system. The one admin is drawing much attention. As reported in the newsletter, there are...

The main topic of the newsletter from HYEarn is the support system. The one admin is drawing much attention. As reported in the newsletter, there are three ways to contact support: support ticket system, Live Chat, and Phone support. Actually the extended support system is extremely useful for the project like that. The concept of gradually increased payouts is a brand new word in the HYIP industry. Hence phone suppotr is supposed to be extremely helpful, when anyone's interested in the services provided by HYEarn.

Let me remind you the idea of the concept. At first sight it may seem rather simple, however when you take a closer look, you begin to realize that this idea is new for HYIP programs. There is only one unique investment plan offered: 153% in 17 days. The interest rates are gradually increasing from 1% on day one to 17% on day seventeen. For example, if you invest $100 with HYEarn, you will continue to receive $1 on day 1, $2 on day 2, $3 on day 3.... $17 on day 17. This will give you a total of $153 in return for your investment in 17 days. See the complete newsletter below:

"HYEarn NewsLetter #1
Dear HYEarn members,
We are delighted to send out our very first newsletter to all our members today. We hope that you have had a good week so far and are looking forward to the weekend too.
We, at HYEarn are happy that our program has had a decent start and we are expecting things to get better each day. As we progress, we expect that the new concept of incremental profit plan will find its way up the popularity charts in the coming days. This unique plan structure has an advantage over regular plans as the incremental profits enables us to manage the parallel flow of funds in a far better way.
This is probably also a great time to invite you on a walk-through of our member support services. We provide 24/7 member support services.
Should you wish to contact us through our support ticket system, we will normally respond within minutes.
As for the Live Chat service, we are online throughout the day and will accept your chat requests promptly. Should there be a queue for Live Chat, we request that you please wait for us to attend to your request.
The Phone support is available from 10.00 to 16.00 GMT and you will be able to speak to our support staff when they are available.
Should you have any questions, we would be happy to help you.
Before we end this newsletter, here is the run through of our one and only unique plan again. We pay 1% on day 1, 2% on day 2, 3% on day 3 all the way up to 17% on day 17 giving you a total of 153% in just 17 days. There is also an additional 5% deposit bonus which will be an added benefit. This will be available until further notice.
We hope that the content above has been useful and concise. Please contact us if you need any related assistance.
Thank you!
Regards, Alfie
on behalf of HYEarn."

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