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Take your time to read the Hyip Informational Survey 165 published by Eric Marriam on June 26, 2012

Dear investors and readers! It has already become a good tradition twice a week to present you with the regular HYIP informational survey, covering the latest news on the HYIP market. Along with presenting the new HYIP opportunities and giving the outlook of Problem programs, the team of HYIPNews.com is pleased to deliver the latest events to the opt-in mailing list of our subscribers, all of which have agreed to receive updates and mailings from HYIPNews.com. All hot information about the HYIP programs online, any hot blog update is at your attention. The Top Choice section start the regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com:

Top Choice. Here we are presenting the The Top Choice section at your attention. 5 TOP programs, listed on HYIPNews monitor are listed below:

1. Royalty7
Listed: 208 days
Profit: 7% daily; 110% after 7 days!
Term: up to 7-30 calendar day(s)

2. SolarInv
Listed: 20 days
Profit: 105-180% after 1-3 days!
Term: up to 3 calendar day(s)

3. Felmina
Listed: 351 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 calendar day(s)

4. Eurex Trade
Listed: 479 days
Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!
Term: up to lifelong day(s)

5. Benson Union
Listed: 160 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business day(s)

So as you may see, the Top Choice section has changed a bit compared to the last issue of the informational survey. The Top one is still Royalty7. The rest positions are taken accordingly by SolarInv, Felmina, Eurex Trade and Benson Union. We congratulate all Top programs, listed in Top Choice section of the regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com.

Openings. The Openings section starts as usually with the programs newly added to the HYIPNews.com listing. And the second part of the section lists HYIPs that appeared online for the period since last Friday till today.

KBSo Investment 0.75-2.01% daily for lifetime!
Maxi Wallet
1.8% hourly for 60 hours up to 2.5 day(s)!
Money Everest
120-200% after 3-7 days 600-2000% after 15-30 days 15-40% daily!

After90Days 108% after 1 month! 2% weekly for lifetime!

Cbank 3% weekly for lifetime!

Gold-Resource 130-250% after 1-5 days 400-1200% after 7-12 days!

Nek Vendor 104-167% after 1-10 days!

Finstep SupperEarnings RoyalProfit Hourly-Withdraw Money-Area RGCXplus Metal-Profit ExcellentProfit HourlyExcellent Prima7 MoneyEmpire GreenRaise YamaFunds ProfitDoubling Money-and-Credit ForexSkyScraper GoldenAssets PerfectROI BestInvestment Stable-Forex WorldClass-Traders InyvOurDream Denteri WineFund TBFund RyeTreasure RhodiumFinance ExclusiveGold BBCInvest Force-Money InvestMerchant WesterncapitalFinance Turn5centsInto5Dollars TrustyForever PayonFund OrbitsPay Morris-Invest Max-Fund Invest4real IncomeAfrica HighLevelProfit GoldPensClub ExpectFund Dollar-Zone CapitalInvestGroup 3DailyFX

The Openings section is numerous as always, actually. The first part includes 7 new programs. They were added to the HYIPNews monitor. Good luck to the admins! As for the rest, there certainly may be several programs worth investors' attention. One thing is recommended in any case. Before joining a HYIP, remember, due diligence is a must to do! make your investment choice thoroughly and wisely, dear investors.


Profiteer - site offline
Gainer Nest
- not paying
- not paying
Globo Treasure
- not paying
Bank Of 7
- site offline
Relax Invest
- not paying
Phedge Fund
- not paying
- not paying
Profits Co
- not paying
Natural Cash
- not paying
Cos Caves
- not paying
Biz Booster
- not paying
Star Earner
- not paying
Premium Season
- not paying
Smile Hyip
- not paying
Invest Concept
- not paying
Cms Pool
- not paying
Perfectinv Biz
- not paying
Money Expanded
- not paying
Safe Profit Inv
- not paying
Giga Result
- not paying

The Problem section above is very numerous. There are various programs. Some are old-timers, some have been online for some days. There is one thing that unites them all... each of the programs given above are currently experiencing problems: whether site accessibility issues or paying problems, or lack of response... anything that may relate a HYIP as Problem means this or that problem is added to the Problem section.

Events. The site of ENR-G has been inaccessible lately from different parts of the world. The only solution to access the site now and withdraw your profit has been to access the site of ENR-G via proxy. The admin promised to find the solution. And actually the solution has been found. The ENR-G hosting provider BlackLotus has moved the site to a new more secured server. Finally, we received the update from ENR-G admin, saying that all access issues have been resolved successfully.
"According to host tracker the site is accessible to everyone in all areas of the world. God willing this wont happen again and things will be smooth sailing from here on."

Moreover another piece of good news says that, 20K members marks has been reached: "In addition we are also happy to announce that we have crossed the 20,000 member mark and continue to grow daily."

As a reward for loyalty, referral commissions will be raised through the end of the month: "As a thank you to our loyal members we will be raising our referral commissions from 5% to 7% through the end of the month. We all hope you enjoy this small token of our appreciation.". So these are all the good news for now from ENR-G. congratulations to all members! Good luck to everyone!

Nearly 1 year online - great milestone, which is supposed to be achieved by Felmina project within some weeks. Closer to the expected milestone, Felmina management is working hard on making the promotion of this log-term and highly respected program as much more convenient as possible. So, the main topic of the latest newsletter was a new feature allowing members to send invitations to others from their Felmina account. The new feature is available from the member's area and allows sending direct e-mails to friends from the account at Felmina. All you need to do to use this option, is to log into your Felmina account, go to the Invite Your Friends area, fill out the required fields and hit the Send Invite button. That's it!

Apart from that it should be mentioned that the fastest way to get the latest news and updates from Felmina, recommended by the admin is to visit the official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Felminacom. Once any information is needed, once any question you may be interested in needs to be answered, you may contact the support at facebook or directly through the web site support.

Initially after the program launch on June 5, the payouts were instant to Liberty Reserve. Payments to Perfect Money payouts were not instant due to some issues with PM API. As of now, seems that PerfectMoney API problems have been resolved. The admin of Aprofit has reported that all the pending PerfectMoney withdrawals have been processed, and from now on the PerfectMoney withdrawals are also to be processed instantly.

The main topic of the newsletter from HYEarn is the support system. The one admin is drawing much attention. As reported in the newsletter, there are three ways to contact support: support ticket system, Live Chat, and Phone support. Actually the extended support system is extremely useful for the project like that. The concept of gradually increased payouts is a brand new word in the HYIP industry. Hence phone suppotr is supposed to be extremely helpful, when anyone's interested in the services provided by HYEarn.

Let me remind you the idea of the concept. At first sight it may seem rather simple, however when you take a closer look, you begin to realize that this idea is new for HYIP programs. There is only one unique investment plan offered: 153% in 17 days. The interest rates are gradually increasing from 1% on day one to 17% on day seventeen. For example, if you invest $100 with HYEarn, you will continue to receive $1 on day 1, $2 on day 2, $3 on day 3.... $17 on day 17. This will give you a total of $153 in return for your investment in 17 days.

The admin of OrbitsPay has reported that the project is going to accept Payza soon. Unlike the deposits in SolidTrustPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney which are credited instantly the deposits via Payza will be processed manually. The official OrbitsPay Payza account is orbitspay@gmail.com. Once completed the deposit, one should contact the OrbitsPay admin and report of the payment. After being verified your deposit will be approved and added to your account.

The admin of OrbitsPay also reports on some cashout issues. As a reminder there's a notice that all withdrawals are processed as fast as it is possible, though anyway, members are asked to allow the admin up to 24 hours for completing the withdrawals. Such a notice has been made due to a large number of requests, which is constantly growing. Once the withdrawal is requested to Payza account, members are advised to mention the Payza target account. Once not available, the request cannot be completed and may so remain pending.

The e-mail issue is also worth mentioning. Despite the fact OrbitsPay is a new program, the admin reports of over 130 pending e-mails, which need to be answered. Hence processing the support requests also may take more time that expected due to professional approach to every single e-mail. Immediate reply is nearly impossible though.

The latest update from the admin of HighBornFinance reminds all members that the program does not credit profit on weekends for 7%-10% for 20 business days plan. The withdrawals are completed on weekends as well, only the profit is not credited. If anyone is missing a PZ payout, there is also a reminder that money can be requested from HighBornFinance PZ account: highbfinance@gmail.com. Once request is made, it will be checked and sent to the account requested. Any issue that concerns missing payouts may deal only with the Mass Payment System used by HighBornFinance. Any disputes ay be solved in the Live chat or on the Facebook page of the project. (http://www.facebook.com/?sk=welcome#!/groups/244255429017155/).

Another reminder in the newsletter from HighBornFinance notifies members about possible downtimes of the site for a short period of time. The downtime took not much time at all. All it took is to contact the hosting company and the issue has been fixed shortly. The best way to track the website status is to visit official Facebook group page of the project. By doing so, you will immediately become aware of all updates and possible issues that may arise in the work of the HighBornFinance web site.

As informed earlier, the first round of the referral contest. The winner has been announced. And now KISnP announces the second round of the referral contest. It is about to last for a month. The prizes are getting more generous. First place will be awarded with $500 cash and 20K advertising credits. The latest newsletter from KISnP gives the detailed description and gull terms of the second round of the referral contest. Still the main requirement is the same... one needs to be an active member of the site to take part in the contest.

The FixedMonthlyIncome is a longterm HYIP running for nearly 500 days. Unfortunately for the admin it hasn't got much popularity among private investors, because of a very high minimum of $1000, possible to invest via Liberty Reserve or Bankwire. The monthly interest offered is just 10%, which is not typical for the HYIP industry. At the same time, such terms have been made up specially to make the program look more legitimate in the eyes of investors, unlike other HYIPs, which offer much higher returns.

As another attempt to look more professional, FixedMonthlyIncome has posted the certificate from Panama, showing equity capital of $10,000,000. This certificate, however, more likely means nothing serious and quite possibly will not ensure your funds safety, nor give you a guarantee against the funds loss. Still, the FixedMonthlyIncome HYIP shows stable and reliable work for a long period of time, and this is a true fact, which can't be denied. So, don't pay much attention to the latest update and don't think of the HYIP as something extraordinary after posting the certificate update. You should simply consider it as a stable, long-term project with the income rate below average in the HYIP niche.

Good News. Good News section is rather numerous today. Fortunately we have 4 programs that seem to recover from problems and get back to normal functioning. Congratulations to the admins of OilTradePro, Vanguard Interest, Invest Legend and I-Capital. The investors of these HYIPs are on the safe side, at least for now. As for the rest programs - if any program mentioned in the Problem section last time doesn't appear in today's section, there can be only two explanations: either the program is still Problem, or it has been moved to the Closures section, unfortunately to all investors of these HYIPs.

Emoney. The Payza management has issued the news update concerning some possible issues that might have occurred, on Monday about the phone support issues. The Canadian province of Quebec has been celebrating the holiday, which was going to affect the work of support service. Those, unable to contact the support of Payza via the phone on Monday, were strongly recommended to use the support ticket system. Please get to kinow about the latest update from Payza below:

Customer Support Hours for Monday June 25th
Wed like to let all our members know that our Customer Support Center will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST on Monday, June 25th 2012 due to the Quebec provincial holiday. Though you will be able to reach us, wait times for phone calls will be a little longer than normal due to the same. If youre having an issue, you may also submit a support ticket anytime, and our friendly Customer Support Advisors will be in contact with you. As always, our extensive FAQ section is continually growing and being updated, so if you browse around you can be sure to find all the helpful articles you may need.
Thank you,
The Payza Team.

Closures. FX7 Pro (48 days), Ability Plan (5 days), Smartex 5 (23 days), Primex Alliance (15 days), Swiss Depositary (12 days), Omn Yield (21 days).

HYIP Blogs. A very interesting article has been posted on the Private HYIP Blog. Some reader of his blog asked him a question: "How can we spot a good program on its advertisement campaign? Where will a good program should make advertise? On MMG, DTM and TG forum? Or on HYIP Explorer, HYIP news, HYIP blogs? Or on HYIP monitors? Which HYIP monitors nowadays considered as the most effective for an advertisement impact?"

In the latest blog update Frank is trying to investigate this aspect of HYIP promotion and answer the question of his reader. So how one can use banners, reviews to increase the chances to win. All in all it happens that newly launched HYIPs scam quickly even if they advertised big on popular medias like monitors, forums and some blogs. Many ads publishers don't care about the quality of HYIP programs they are representing. The tactics for advertising a short-term or long-term HYIP vary, still no-one can tell for sure taking a look at the advertising budget how soon this or that HYIP is going to close. The word of mouth has always been the crucial point when promoting a HYIP. When too many people talk about this or that HYIP, it means many people have deposited into it... good right? But... isn't it too late for joining as well? No-one knows! After all, who told you HYIP business is not risky! As everyone knows, it looks far more often like gambling, nothing else! So, it's always your decision, whom you are going to trust your money and who actually makes up your investment portfolio.

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