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As informed earlier, the first round of the referral contest. The winner has been announced. And now KISnP announces the second round of the referral...

As informed earlier, the first round of the referral contest. The winner has been announced. And now KISnP announces the second round of the referral contest. It is about to last for a month. The prizes are getting more generous. First place will be awarded with $500 cash and 20K advertising credits. The latest newsletter from KISnP gives the detailed description and gull terms of the second round of the referral contest. Still the main requirement is the same... one needs to be an active member of the site to take part in the contest. See the newsletter for the contest details below:

“Newsletter: Round 2 Active Referral Contest Details
Hi Members,
We hope that all of you are having a great weekend.
This Newsletter is just to inform you all of the details of our
Round 2: Active Referral Contest that will start on June 25th.
We'll award not only 1 member but 3 members who'll have the most active referrals within the covered duration of this contest.
Below are the details for our 2nd Referral Contest.
Round 2: Active Referral Contest
Duration: June 25th – July 21st
General Guidelines:
– All members, with or without active investment, can participate.
– Each Referral must have at least 1 active investment in any Plans we offer.
– Advertise using legal ways only.
We'll not allow any kind of spamming and abusive way of getting referrals.
You can't refer yourself also.
Anyone caught making different accounts just to take advantage of this contest won't only get disqualified but his/her main account deleted and any earnings and/or funds on it confiscated without any refunds to be given.
Minimum Referral Requirement:
This is added to push everyone to invite, invite, invite and invite using your referral links and banners.
To be validated and declared as a winner, must have at least:
Top 1 – 10 Active Referrals
Top 2 – 6 Active Referrals
Top 3 – 3 Active Referrals
If ever the above requirements are not met, your effort won't get wasted because Top 5 Referrer will still be awarded of $50 and 1000 Ad Credits each.
Top 1 – $500, 20000 Ad Credits
Top 2 – $200, 10000 Ad Credits
Top 3 – $100, 5000 Ad Credits
Above details are also posted inside Member's Area under the Latest Announcement for Members.
And still inside Member's Area, you can also check the status of the contest and who are leading by clicking the

Referral Contest button.
For any questions and clarifications, please don't hesitate to email us.
God Bless.
Admin, Zepp. KISnP”.

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